One of “those” mornings

I drove in to work today, instead of taking the bus.  It's May Day which can mean some pretty horrible afternoon traffic in Seattle, I didn't want to risk being stuck waiting for the bus for hours on end (and then being stuck on the bus for hours on end) in the middle of the… Continue reading One of “those” mornings

Home Projects

(Mostly) Finished Nursery

Last weekend, my mom and I did some serious work on the nursery.  The front bedroom in our house has gone through several phases in the 2 years we've lived here...this is my favorite one yet. My brother got me this lamp for Christmas when I was little, I was so excited to put it… Continue reading (Mostly) Finished Nursery

Home Projects, Pet Ownership Woes

Counting down

As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks pregnant and 100% ready to be done working.  Yet, I can't actually be done working yet.  I have a countdown on the calendar at my desk, 28 more work days!  It's a good number, and I really hope the days go by fast, because I am OVER this… Continue reading Counting down

Home Projects

A joyful and dusty return to the blog

I haven’t posted anything in quiiiiiiiiiiite a while!  We took a short break from doing house projects right after the fence was completed, then found out some pretty awesome and exciting news: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Anthony and I are so beyond ridiculously thrilled and excited.  I’m due in mid-June and am now happily in… Continue reading A joyful and dusty return to the blog

Home Projects, Pet Ownership Woes

The mother fucking fence.

Like most things in our home, we knew that our cedar fence in the backyard was old when we moved in.  Turns out, it's at least 30 years old.  It was holding steady, though, so we were going to keep it until we absolutely had to replace it. Well, a few weeks ago, it became… Continue reading The mother fucking fence.

Home Projects

Open Shelves of Joy

I'll just throw this out there right now, lest I forget and end up catching shit for the next 20 years about not giving enough credit: BESIDES THE BUILDING STAGE, I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO INVOLVEMENT IN THE INSTALLATION PORTION OF THIS PROJECT. I WAS NOT HOME, MY BROTHER AND MY HUSBAND DID ALL THE WORK.… Continue reading Open Shelves of Joy