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My first blog post!

Wow, I feel like EVERY SINGLE PERSON EVER right when they signed up for Twitter.  EVERYBODY’s first tweet was, “My first tweet!”, or “I don’t know how to use Twitter”, or something along those lines.  I’ve become one of those people, but with blogs.  So…there’s that.

Anthony and I bought a house!  Only, people don’t know it yet.  We’re waiting to get the keys before we “announce” our purchase (aka we want to wait until we have the keys to post on Facebook about it because it ain’t official until it’s FBO), which is actually a really difficult secret to keep.  I’m not great at keeping my own secrets; I just get too excited and I find myself needing to tell SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE OR I MIGHT EXPLODE OMG.  So this has been extremely challenging!  But I’ve been keeping this secret for almost 2 months now, so go me!

We started looking for houses at the end of January, right after my birthday.  We saw some that we thought, “Meh, this could be it I guess” but next to nothing that we loved inside of our little budget.  Unfortunately, the price range we were looking in is the same price range that investors who can offer cash were looking in, so we kept missing out on houses; things were going off the market only a few hours after the were listed.  It was insane.

But then, we found the blue house.  My parents had been doing some house scouting for us on Valentines day, which was so sweet because of course Anthony and I couldn’t go look at houses, it was VALENTINES DAY.  We had to stay home and do romantic stuff, like eat heart shaped pancakes in bed at noon and watch TV.  We were BUSY.  My mom called me and said something that sounded like, “OHMYGODTHISHOUSEISSOCUTEIWANTYOUTOSEEITIMONMYWAYOKBYE”


She came and picked me up (Anthony stayed home to eat pancakes and watch TV because DUH, it was SUNDAY, which is LAZY DAY for the Fishers) and drove me over to the house.  I won’t lie, it’s…rough on the outside.  But the neighborhood is adorable, quiet and not a place where I’d feel unsafe going out to my car in the driveway at night or anything.  The house is painted blue, which is not a bad thing!  Blue is good!  I love blue!  However, I do not love THIS blue.  It sticks out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood, and the seller at some point ripped out the lovely front lawn and put in a bunch of gravel.  So our house, on our new block of lovely, well-cared-for midcentury ramblers, is the bright ass blue one with a gravel front yard.  Charming!

But the house has SO much potential.  It really is an awesome little house.  It’s got a big backyard for our poor fat dog, who has been spending 9+ hours a day cooped up in his kennel because he is not to be trusted loose in the house while we are not home.  It’s got gorgeous, real hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms, and terrible, ugly DIY laminate (or possibly even vinyl!) floors in the bedrooms.  It needs a lot of paint, a front lawn (seriously who does that??) and various other landscaping.  It needs some love, but we are fully prepared to give it that.  We absolutely love it and we cannot wait to move in and start calling it our home.

We get the keys in 12 days!  The Fishers are moving to our new, blue home sweet home.



(See, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was bright ass blue!)

OOH, also, we’ve been married 11 months today!  Happy almostversary Anthony!  Love you a little bit. 🙂


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