Home Projects

Getting closer to “Official”

So we went to the house yesterday to take our moving announcement picture!  Look how cute we are, and how blue our house is:



(Funny thing, that bush to our right?  When the seller sprayed the paint all over the house, he got it all over the bush so about 40% of those leaves are blue.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it because they will likely stay blue for a good long time.)

We still aren’t ready to “announce” the house yet, but I did order moving announcement cards last night!  I’m SUPER into sending out paper cards for stuff.  Anthony, of course, gave me a big ole “ARE YOU KIDDING ME WOMAN STOP WITH THE BUYING OF THE CARDS WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH THIS STUFF UGHHHHHHHH” eyeroll, but whateva, I like sending out paper cards so PAPER CARDS I SHALL SEND!  But also, it’s a super easy way to give people our new address in writing so people (hopefully) aren’t calling us for the next 2 years asking us for our address, and then writing it down incorrectly so we have to yet again give it to them.  Seriously, this happens to us all the time.  No matter where we live, someone always has our address wrong and then it becomes a whole Thing when someone is trying to mail us something and they have the wrong address so it gets sent back, then they call me and claim that I gave them the wrong address…I guarantee I did not, because I knowz where I livez but OK WHATEVER YOU SAY!  So, announcement cards with our new address it is. (Bonus, there is quite literally ALWAYS a coupon for VistaPrint somewhere on the interwebs so I always get a good deal when I order cards for stuff!)

We went and bought a couple of home-improvement things this weekend, too.  We bought a new toilet seat (our first purchase for our new home!  I made my mom take a picture of me with it, and she was acting like I was such a weirdo but it was actually her idea, she was just showing off because there were Girl Scouts behind us selling cookies), which was essential because my hiney is going nowhere near the current one.  It’s black (ew) and some dude I don’t know has been sitting on that thing for years….no thanks.  New seat it is!  We also bought a shovel (homeowners need one of those, I’m told), 4 gallons of paint (untinted still because I have not yet decided on colors), and my lovely parents are giving us one of their extension ladders and a step ladder.  We’re in good shape so far!  We should be signing closing papers sometime at the end of this week, and we get the keys in 9 days! WOOOO!


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