Home Projects


We should be getting a call from the escrow people today to set up an appointment to sign the papers for the house!  Technically we were supposed to sign on Friday, but with it being the end of the month apparently everybody is just swamped, or something.  Either way, our countdown on our fridge now says, “2 days until we get the keys!” which is really exciting.  We are just SO READY to own that house!  I’ve already made a checklist of projects to accomplish this coming weekend…no time to waste!!

We own some house stuff now.  It’s a pretty random assortment of stuff that all currently lives in the back of my car, but it somehow felt counterproductive to bring it all into our apartment.  So for now it all lives in my car, covered in sweatshirts and blankets and stuff so that none of our hoodrat neighbors decide to break into my car and steal our random house stuff.  (It makes sense in my head, okay?)

The list of house things we own goes as follows:

  1. 1 Toilet seat
  2. 5 gallons of untinted paint
  3. 1 shovel
  4. 1 steam mop hard-floor-cleaner-thing
  5. 1 mailbox
  6. 1 dog door
  7. 1 ladder
  8. 1 step-ladder

And that’s pretty much it.  Pretty short list for now, but WE ARE JUST SO EXCITED!


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