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We signed the paperwork last night!  I repeat: WE SIGNED THE PAPERWORK LAST NIGHT!  We also decided that we couldn’t wait another second, and we made our FBO announcement last night as well.  So, that’s pretty cool.  No more secrets! Yaaaaay!

Signing the paperwork was a pain.  I won’t lie.  SO. MANY. SIGNATURES.  And dates!  And stuff!  And because of who I am as a person, my signature gets progressively worse the more times I write it, so by the end it looked awful.  Which is disappointing to me for some reason.  But it was all over and done with in about 40 minutes, and then we felt guilty because we sat in Starbucks signing paperwork for 40 minutes and then left without ordering anything (we are not people who can drink coffee after, like, 2PM or we will both be up all night and then we are meanies in the morning).  We went to McDonald’s to pick up dinner and took it home to eat in our sweats, because that, my friends, is how Anthony and I roll: comfortably.

We get the keys tomorrow after work!  We’re going up to the house after we pick up the keys, drinking some champagne, and I am making Anthony replace that toilet seat because EW.  There’s also this weird built-in, collapsible table in the kitchen (pretty sure it’s an IKEA thing) that we want to take down tomorrow too, since our lovely handyman friend is coming to re-texture and prime our walls on Thursday morning!  Such an awesome housewarming gift from my parents.  The walls need it, too.  At some point there was a TV mounted on the wall in the living room, and a bunch of pictures hung, and all that stuff, and the holes were repaired and painted over…but badly.  The walls look pretty awful right now (the mudroom has duct tape on the walls that was painted over…yes, duct tape was painted over.  In fact, it was painted over with a really weird orange colored paint.  No thanks.) so having nice new texture and a fresh coat of primer will make a huge difference!  We’re so excited to get the house cleaned and painted so we can move in!

Home sweet home in 1 DAY!

(Well, sort of.  We aren’t moving in until the 16th of April, but WHO CARES WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!)



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