Home Projects


We got the keys!!  It’s officially ours!!

We drove up to the house to meet our realtor, she gave us the keys and it was OFFICIAL!  It feels SO good to be a home owner.  My mom had told me this weekend that there was a surprise at the house for us but wouldn’t tell me what (rude), and it turns out she and her friend Kathi had gone and planted us a cute little flower bed out front!  The house needs SO much love in the curb-appeal department, it was so nice to see something charming and pretty out front!

Anthony got right to work taking down the collapsible, wall-mounted table thing from the dining room wall while I walked around staring at everything and smiling like a weirdo. We ended up having to use a crowbar to get the frame off the wall, so…good thing the walls are getting patched and re-textured today!  Oops.

We’re still trying to figure out our plan of attack for this weekend.  We know we need to CLEAN, and I mean serious cleaning, because the house is DIRTY.  Everything is really grubby, and a couple things are just plain gross.  But the walls are being primed today, and (hopefully) the trim painted white, and that’ll make a big difference right away.  The windows will get scrubbed clean, and the floors, and it’ll feel like a whole new house!  My brother is going to add trim to the windows, which will really help to add a polished look to all 4 of the windows (it’s a small house!)  Anthony got the lawn mower the seller left started yesterday, so we can mow the incredibly overgrown backyard and get a better look at what it is we’re dealing with back there.  We forgot to bring our new toilet seat with us last night (DANG IT) so that’ll get installed this weekend.  I think I might paint the tile in the bathroom (brown just does not work for me, and there’s a LOT of it in that bathroom) but that’s a decision for another day.  Right now we’re just over the moon that we are officially home owners, and our little blue house is finally OURS.


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