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Work Weekend #1

Ok, work weekend #1 at our new home is complete!  We are all SO tired, and also really dirty.

The house was a mess when we got the keys.  The seller had neglected the home a bit while he still lived there, but then he moved out and it was vacant for several months before we bought it, so it REALLY needed some serious cleaning.  Our handyman had retextured the walls, primed them and painted the trim (he’s coming back tomorrow since he still has a little bit left to do), and he left a pretty big mess, but even before that the house was DIR-TAY.  It took a LOT of scrubbing, but it’s finally pretty clean!

Mom and I got to work on the kitchen right away.  Everything needed to be scrubbed down inside and out; appliances, cabinets, drawers, you name it.  We moved the oven and found a ton of gunk, straws and broken glass down there, and a sticky mystery stain…so gross!  We got the cabinets and appliances all cleaned up, and then we set to work on the floor.  The floor is made of large, light brownish tiles with bizzarely wide grout lines, and the grout was FILTHY.  It was awful.  So mom and I grabbed my Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop and got to work.  We basically used the steam from that magical device (seriously, one of the best investments I’ve ever made, I LOVE THAT THING) to loosen up the crap in the grout and then scrubbed like crazy.  It took about an hour, but afterward the floor looked like new!  I love that I didn’t have to use any chemicals, at all, to get my floor sparkling clean.  Just steam, time and elbow grease!  I’ll take pictures of the kitchen the next time I’m up there!

My dad worked SO hard on our bathroom.  He replaced the toilet seat (EEEEEEEW) with the nice new white one, and scrubbed that bathroom until it sparkled.  The only problem was the floors.  They’re the same tile as in the kitchen and entryway, and also the tub/shower surround.  However, the seller made the unfortunate decision to PAINT the grout of the floor tile BLACK.  He PAINTED THE GROUT BLACK.  The guy at Ace Hardware who sold us paint thinner (for our tile floors OH MY GOSH WHO DOES THAT) was as confused and appalled as we were.  So my dad spend a good amount of the day using paint thinner on the floors, but the paint came off!  Next weekend I’ll take the steam cleaner to them to get them reeeeeally good and clean, but it’s already 10,000 times better. (Once again, I forgot to take pictures, because of course I did.)

Anthony mowed and weed-whacked the backyard (which took a couple hours, it was REALLY overgrown!) but it looks so much better!  After it was done we finally realized that we actually have a really big backyard!  We took Lucky up with us so he could be introduced to his new yard, he was a little confused!  It’ll take some time for him to learn that it’s ok for him to be out there without us…he’s been an apartment dog for far too long.  He’s pretty chubby and lazy, but he’ll get used to his new backyard eventually.


(Clearly this was before the mowing!)

Mom and I went back today to start painting the living room.  I am a person who LOVES color.  I crave it.  White walls drive me nuts.  I knew I wanted to paint before we moved in, so we picked a color and got started.

Here’s the picture of the living room from the listing:


This is before the trim was painted white, and before the walls were retextured and primed.  (I cannot get enough of those floors!  I can’t wait until they’re CLEAN!)

Here’s the before from today, with the white walls and trim:


(Our handyman is coming back tomorrow to paint the fireplace, because WOW.  Matte green…not my favorite!  Sad that the brick is painted at all, but it would take way too much time and paint thinner to get the original brick back, and even then it would never look right.)

I already love the house so much more with white trim.  I just think it’s so crisp and clean looking!

The paint we used for our accent wall is Valspar Optimus in Kiwi Slice (satin finish).  This color caught my eye the first time I went to Ace Hardware to get paint chips, and I am SO glad we decided to go with it.  It’s bold and bright and I am absolutely obsessed with it.  It’s not for everybody (even Anthony is still iffy on it), but I love it and it’s my house so I care not what others think of it!



I FREAKING LOVE THIS WALL! This is right after the second coat so it was still wet, I’ll be back up there in a couple days and I can’t wait to see it when it’s dry!  I’ve got a little bit of touch up work to do too.  We’re painting the rest of the walls a cool grey, but that won’t happen until this weekend.  I can’t wait to see the room once the fireplace has been painted, it’s going to look AMAAAAZING!

We also painted the inside of the linen closet Kiwi Slice.  I think it’ll look so fun inside (mom and I are going to find fun fabric to cover the shelves with), it’ll be so nice to open the door and see a bright, cheerful linen closet.

We are exhausted, sore and filthy after the weekend of work we did at our house, but I love it even more than I did when we got the keys! (Serious deep cleaning will do that!)

More updates in a few days, I can’t wait to see the house when it’s all finished!  I’ll also take some more pictures when I’m up there next, unless I forget like every single other time I’m there…oops.


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