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The fireplace and the accent wall are DONE!

I am in looooooove with that long wall of my living room!  It’s bright and clean and cheerful, and completely 100% ME.  Anthony has even come around to the green wall now that the fireplace is done!  I’m so excited to paint the rest of the room this weekend.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:


Phase 1: The picture from the listing.  The ultimate BEFORE picture.  Sure, there wasn’t really anything wrong with the living room you see here in this picture.  It was fine, I could’ve lived with it for a while.  But I’m not a person who wants to “live with it” for a while if I have the option to make a room into a room that I LOVE and want to live in.  So I changed it!

Which brings us to…


Phase 2!  White trim, white walls, HOLY CRAP green fire place.  I swear, I didn’t realize that the fireplace was green until we had it next to white walls (except the mantle and hearth, of course, because I am not color blind).  I never loved the matte paint on it, but our handyman wasn’t done yet so we had to leave it while we painted the accent wall.

Speaking of which:


I cannot get enough of that wall.  Seriously!  I LOVE it.  It’s bright and it makes me happy every time I look at it.  Also, I cannot say enough good things about Valspar paint.  Not only is it really high quality stuff that covers amazingly well (we had to do 2 coats but it’s a really intense color, so we anticipated that), but there is zero smell.  At all.  No joke!  I didn’t realize until my mom and I left to go grab lunch after the first coat was done, and we came back and the house didn’t reek of paint!  It was amazing.  I was expecting that awful smell that I normally despise, but my nose was relieved and I was delighted.  Seriously.  Valspar=BAE.

Our handyman came and finished his work yesterday (I hope, I haven’t had a chance to go to the house yet this week, I’m hoping I can go tomorrow after work) and he sent this picture after he was done with painting the fireplace:


I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LIVING ROOM!  The clean white trim!  The bright green wall of happiness!  THE FIREPLACE OF JOY!

Every single thing about this long wall makes me happy.  I love the punch of color it gives to the room, I love how the color looks in the light, I love how crisp the white fireplace looks against the bright wall, I love the white trim and how it contrasts against my pretty wood floors (which will finally be clean this weekend after we paint some more!), I love how different the color is (since blues are so in right now, or so I’ve gathered from Pinterest…I could be wrong about that.  No idea) I love EVERY SINGLE THING.

I cannot wait until we move in (11 days!  But today is basically over as far as I’m concerned so we may as well call it 10!) and finally get to call this place HOME.  It’s a pretty awesome place.

Next update should be about my linen closet…I’m working hard on making it extra fabulous! 🙂


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