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Work Weekend #2

Well.  Work weekend #2 is done.  Our house is not done, but the weekend is.  We are moving in on Saturday (5 days!) and the house is not yet ready (it’s totally livable but not where we had wanted it to be by this point), so I will be up there every night this weekend doing more work to get it ready.

Things we accomplished this weekend (pictures to come at some point when I remember to take “after” pictures, maybe tonight? Maybe not? No idea):

  1. Living room, kitchen and master bedroom are painted.
  2. Black paint has been completely stripped from the bathroom floor and shower tiles, thanks to my wonderful dad who worked SO hard to get that nasty stuff off.
  3. Backyard has been mowed (again) and a lot of the weeds in the front have been pulled.
  4. Trim has been added to all the windows (almost; the paint on the pieces of trim for the sides of the front bedroom window weren’t dry yet when my brothers left yesterday so they’ll put that up sometime this week)
  5. Blinds are up in the master bedroom (seriously in love with our fancy cordless blinds)
  6. Kitchen faucet has been switched out for a nice, pretty new one (which was a gift from my wonderful brothers):FotorCreated
  7. Dining room floors have been scrubbed within an inch of their lives (more on that in a minute.)

It was a REALLY long and hard weekend with a LOT of work.  We are all incredibly sore and exhausted after all of the work we put in this weekend, and the work that still has yet to be done before Saturday is really stressing me out.  I know it’ll all come together and it will be wonderful, but in the meantime it is not together and I am stressed.  Also REALLY tired.  And still covered in paint.  Mostly stressed.  Also, we need to pack but of course have been procrastinating that and we have zero food so we’re living off of fast food this week (which sucks for our digestive systems AND our wallet) but I refuse to grocery shop and unload a bunch of stuff into our apartment kitchen mere days before we are moving into our house.

So, the floors.  We had not really realized just how dirty our hardwood floors were until we decided we were ready to clean the ones in the dining room.  Holy crap, they were GROSS.

floors 1

LOOK AT ALL THE GUNK IN BETWEEN THE BOARDS! AND ALL THE CRAP ALL OVER THE BOARDS!  It was SO gross, and it took us a few different approaches to figure out how to get them clean.

What ended up working really well was my mom running over the boards slowly with my Shark steam mop (seriously I LOVE THAT THING) to loosen up the gunk with the steam, and then my grandma and I attacked the spaces between the boards with putty knives, basically to scrape the scum of time out of my floors.

It was DISGUSTING.  Who knows what all the crap in there was, or how long it had been there, but it was black and thick and so disgusting I cannot even.  The dining room is done now, though, and we gave the floor a good washing with Murphy’s Oil Soap and then used some floor refinishing stuff (I can’t remember the name of it right now, too tired) to get them all shined up.

Here’s the after, and oh man, they look like brand new floors:

floors 3

floors 2

It was SUCH hard work, and we still have the living room to do (honestly, we aren’t going to get to that until after we move in, I think, and I’m kinda ok with it at this point.  They’ll get a good mopping and that’ll do just fine for now), but they look SO much better.  I cannot say enough how AWESOME my mom and my grandma are for busting their asses, knees and backs to help get our house ready for us to move in.  They are the best, and my house would be dirty and unpainted without them.

More updates to come later this week!  Cross your fingers that I get enough stuff done this week so that I don’t spend all day Saturday stress-crying while we move!


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