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One Day More

We move tomorrow morning.


*Has dramatic meltdown and pretends to lay dead on desk at work*

So, I’m still really stressed.  We aren’t completely done packing (it’s just odds and ends at this point but STILL) and I still have some cleaning to do at our apartment, but regardless, we pick up the moving truck at 9:00 tomorrow morning and WE ARE MOVING. INTO OUR HOUSE.  THAT WE BOUGHT.  BECAUSE WE BOUGHT A HOUSE.

Anthony is up at the house today waiting for the internet and cable guys to come and install stuff, and hopefully getting some projects done while he’s up there too.  There’s only a couple little things that didn’t get done this week, but they’re little things that I have been losing sleep (and I think also hair) about all week because we are moving tomorrow and we have to go to work on Monday like functional human beings, and I require a bathroom mirror to become a functional human being. (The bathroom mirror isn’t up yet and I guess I’m really stressed about that…)

It’ll all come together, though.  It has to, because we are moving tomorrow!!


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