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We survived moving day!  Barely, but we made it!

Anthony and I really suck at moving.  We know this about ourselves, and yet we do basically nothing to make ourselves be better at moving.  We procrastinate packing, and since neither of us took any time off work for moving purposes, we ended up with a whole bunch of clothes still not packed on Friday night, none of our toiletries, basically anything pertaining to our pets, etc.  We needed those things to function during the week!

So, of course, moving day was chaotic.  The poor dog had to be locked in the bathroom while we moved furniture out of our apartment and down the stairs into the truck, and he basically lost his fool mind in there and barked for a solid hour and a half.  He’s a big dog with this ridiculous bark that is sharp and horrible, so we were all REEEEEEALLY ready to be done loading the truck so that we could put him in it and he would shut up.  It was not easy to get things into the truck.  We really should’ve gotten a longer one (we got 15ft, probably needed 17ft) but my darling husband is a truck-loading-tetris MASTER and made everything fit so that it would only take 1 trip.  But then we realized that the key to the truck was in the pocket of the coat he’d been wearing that morning, which I had not realized when I packed up said coat into a vacuum-seal bag and it got loaded in the truck, like, way at the beginning of the truck loading.  Of course, we did not realize that the key was missing until we were completely done loading the truck and Anthony was getting ready to let the poor dog out of the bathroom and hit the road.  So then, we panicked and everyone got really cranky for a few minutes, until we realized, “Hey, wait a minute!  Don’t I have a weirdly skinny brother who could totally slide on top of all of this stuff and scoot to the back of the truck to find the vacuum seal bag with that one coat in it and check to see if it’s in the pocket?!”  That’s where my brother Alex came in handy (for the first time EVER I swear):


He found the bag, with the coat, with the key, and all was well.  Plus, it was funny to watch him attempt to scoot back out of the truck, backwards.  Win-win!

So we made our way up to our new house, slowly, sooooooo slowly.  Those stupid tulip fields make traffic HORRIBLE on sunny Saturdays in the spring (which happened a year ago this same weekend, when we were getting married!  SUCH AWFUL TRAFFIC) so it was a sloooooooow drive up there.  But we made it, and we got everything unloaded.  We’ve got a lot of unpacking to do still, but it officially feels like OUR home now.  Our very messy home.

Also, I realize now that I never posted any of those B&A pictures of our painting, so…excuse the mess. I promise it won’t stay like this forever.


I need to hang the cabinet back on the wall, and at some point paint those brown tiles, and also maybe get better about hiding my Angry Orchard bottles when I take renovation pictures.  Meh.  I’ll probably skip that last step.


Why is there a hammer on my table?  Ugh.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Once it’s not a mess and I can get some cute stuff up on that wall, how adorable will my little kitchen be?!


And, yeah.  Our house is a mess right now, and Steve does not know how to handle it.

(Not pictured: the sheet hanging over our living room window, because we have yet to order blinds for that gigantic window)

At some point this week, things will be way more unpacked, and some stuff will be hung up, and I will take pictures that highlight our decor, rather than our cluttered mess.  Right now, we’re just tired and so, so happy to finally be home.

BONUS, it’s our anniversary today!  Happy anniversary, Anthony, I love youuuuuuuu!


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