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Coming along.

Things are coming along at our house!  There is still SO much work to be done, but it’s getting there.  I finally put together the guest bed, though the room is still littered with boxes and bags and every single shoe that I own…but the bed is together!  Baby steps, people.

I’ve started hanging up some stuff on our walls, too.  Only a couple things so far, because we have a lot of large, very delicate wall hangings (mostly antique windows that are gorgeous and über fragile) that I need kind of a lot of assistance to hang on the wall, so maybe we’ll get to that this weekend?  Maybe not?  I kind of really hope we do, because having everything that belongs on our walls laying all over our floor is getting old real quick like.


Our master bedroom is mostly together, but also not.  My brothers have yet to start work on our headboard (which will be made from an antique door and I AM SO EXCITED), which will add a lot of style and polish to our little room once it’s done and installed.  The real problem, currently, is Anthony’s dresser.  It’s a really cool dresser that my mom revamped with chalk paint, and it looks awesome.  However, it’s a real wood, antique thing, and the drawers smell like DEATH.  It’s probably just moth balls or something, but it smells like actual death.  We’ve tried everything to get rid of the smell; kitty litter, baking soda, spraying vodka in the drawers to kill any bacteria, leaving them in the sun for several days on end, air freshener, you name it.  But the smell remains, and it makes Anthony’s clothes smell HORRIBLE.  And because he is a Dude, his solution is to just not put his clothes in it.  Any of his clothes.  Ever.  So with the exception of things that get hung up in the closet (he also hates doing that), things normally end up living on our bedroom floor.  Which does NOT work for me.  Currently he still has a bunch of things in suitcases on the floor of our room, but our room is small!  It’s smaller than our bedroom at our apartment was, and we have decently sized furniture; queen bed, 2 nightstands, one long dresser and one tall dresser, so having a suitcase full of stuff on the floor is really cramping the space.  I don’t blame him for not wanting to put his clothes in a dresser that makes everything smell like crap, so this weekend (I hope, but I’m lazy so maybe it won’t be this weekend? Meh.) I will pull out the big guns.  The insides of the drawers aren’t painted right now, so I’m going to go to Ace Hardware and get some Killz paint tinted to match the grey that his dresser is painted on the outside, and I am going to paint the inside of those drawers to seal that nasty smell away FOREVER!  Because it’s BAD, people.

In other news, Lucky is finally adjusting to the backyard.  Moving day was so stressful for him, so he spent a couple days being thoroughly traumatized by our new house.  As we were moving in, Anthony and my brothers were working on installing the dog door in the door from our laundry room to the backyard, so that Lucky can go in and out during the day but can’t be in the house itself, because I don’t trust that dog as far as I could throw him.  He is naughty when we’re gone and gets into all my thangs, so the laundry room and backyard are his kingdom while we’re gone.  Except, he kind of hated it at first.

The thing with being an apartment dog for basically his entire 4 years of life is that he’s only really ever been able to be outside on a leash, right next to one of us.  So the idea of being outside by himself was, to him, alarming, to say the least.  He FREAKED OUT and barked/screamed his fool head off, and it was a mess.  Our neighbors probably hate us already because of how awful Lucky was while we were moving in; the boys had taken the door off its frame so they could cut the hole in it for the dog door, so we had to block the door to the laundry room off with the washing machine.  This meant that Lucky could clearly see all of us coming in and out all day moving things in (he’s remarkably good at standing on his hind legs, it’s weird) but he couldn’t actually be near us, so he lost his mind and whined and barked and yelped for a good 3 hours straight.  Our lovely neighborhood is pretty quiet (with the exception of the people next door, who have 3 Pomeranians who yip all the livelong day), and Lucky’s bark is LOUD.  It was stressful for everyone, but he finally stopped once we could put the door back on the frame and he was allowed to be near us again.  But then he didn’t want to go outside without us, which was problematic.  We’d put him in the laundry room as we were leaving to go run errands or whatever, and he’d lose his crap again.  But we had a breakthrough yesterday, and I am ecstatic.

Lucky’s a dog who wants to be IN YOUR FACE all the time.  He walks backwards in front of me everywhere I go because he wants to go too, I guess, plus he’s just REALLY into attention (he barks and whines when Anthony and I hug or cuddle because he’s jealous, it’s pretty cute), so getting ready in the morning is hard sometimes.  I’m trying to walk around the house and do all the things I need to do, and the damn dog is in my way and I have to tell him, “LOVE ME LESS, DUDE” and shoo him a hundred times before I’ve even put on my makeup.  But yesterday morning, I went to let him outside right after I woke up, and he just…went outside.  He didn’t turn around and whine for me to come with him or stand at the door barking as soon as I’d closed the screen and walked away.  He went outside and entertained himself for about 25 minutes before I went back to let him in.  Then when I got home from work, I opened the door and the screen for some fresh air, and he spent a while going in and out, and even took a little snooze in a sunbeam in the grass for a while.  It was really adorable, and I’m SO glad that he’s finally decided that the big backyard is not a torture device, but actually a pretty dang cool thing that we picked out just for him.

He drives me insane sometimes, but he is a really good dog.



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