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Settling in

We’ve been living in our little house for almost a month now!  We’re finally starting to feel settled, and adjusting to our new commutes.  Both of us have a pretty decent commute in the morning (longer, sure, but the speed limit up here is 70 and there’s minimal morning traffic), but the afternoons SUCK.  It’s only happened a couple times, but it’s taken me almost 2 hours to get home.  There’s some construction going on that is slowing everything WAAAAY down, but it’s supposedly going to be done on Tuesday, or something?  So that’s…probably not going to happen but WHATEVER, A GIRL CAN DREAM WHILE SHE SITS IN TRAFFIC!  But, we’re still loving living here and we’re feeling pretty settled in.


We’ve gotten a couple of little projects done in the past couple weeks.  Nothing huge, and I doubt we’ll get anything huge done this month because we’re both busy and lazy, but a few little things.

(Full disclosure: this is actually a thing my brother did for us before we moved in and I’m just now remembering to give him even a tiny bit of credit for it, mah bad!)

So the seller had dog(s?).  Which is cool, we have a dog!  However, the seller had a little dog who scratched stuff.  Primarily the door to our living room and the door frame around it.  This is what it looked like when we got the keys:


And we were all like, “Maaaaaaaan, we already want to eventually replace the door but now we have to replace the trim around there and we don’t waaaaannnnnaaa!” (we’re whiney)

But no, Alex saved the day!  He was all like, “It’s cool, I can fix that.  Quit whining.”

He did something with putty of some sort, sanded it down, and VOILA:


Like it never happened!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

I also finally painted the inside of Anthony’s dresser drawers.  The stank was real, and so were the clothes all over our bedroom floor.  So I went to Ace, got some water-base Killz (half a gallon, it was like $11 and so worth it) and got to work.  I got myself all set up in the garage with my iPad playing Game of Thrones (I just started season 1 on Monday because I got sick of Anthony whining about how I don’t watch with him and I am already halfway through season 3…honey, you were right, GoT is really good.  There, I said it.) and a glass of wine, and started painting.

It was pretty quick work (because it’s the INSIDE of the drawers and therefore I do not really give a hoot what the paint job looks like so it’s pretty sloppy), it took 2 coats but the mothball smell of death is GONE!  It’s amazing.  Killz is worth every penny.  Anthony’s dresser is now all reassembled and full of clothes!  My floors are clean!  IT’S A MIRACLE!

I’ve also done some more general decorating.  I’ve been pretty lazy about getting it done, mostly because I haven’t been able to make up my mind about where I want things.  But I finally decided to make some decisions and get some stuff done.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!



Also, I’ve discovered that I’m actually not a huge fan of hard floors.  I LOVE the hardwoods in the living and dining, but in the bedrooms…nope.  The dust bunnies under our bed and dressers multiply faster than actual bunnies do, and vacuuming under the bed a million times a week is not my personal cup of tea.  At some point we’ll put carpet in the bedrooms, but that’s a project for way down the line.

There’s a lot we still want to do here.  A LOT.  But it’s coming together, we’re settled in, and we could not be happier. 🙂

(Unless the dust bunnies would stop.  That would make me very happy indeed.)


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