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Vanity, Before

Ok, so it’s been a while!  No surprise, but I basically haven’t done much of anything for kind of a while.  (Though we did install the blinds in our living room finally!) We’ve had a couple random things come up on weekends that prevented us from getting anything done, and I honestly haven’t wanted to spend the money on anything.  But I’ve decided to do at least one smallish project this month, and I’ve decided it’s going to be the bathroom vanity.

When we got the keys, the bathroom was rough.  And disgusting.


Yeah.  No.

So then we replaced that toilet seat of doom (SO GROSS), painted, got rid of the tarpish thing that was being used as a shower curtain, cleaned the whole room within an inch of its little bathroom life, and called it good for a while.



However, I still don’t love the bathroom.  It’s way better painted, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still not a room that I’m crazy about.  Eventually I will paint the shower tiles white, because they’re just so…brown.  I don’t love brown.

But I’ve decided to focus, this month, on the vanity.

Behold, in all its ugliness:


(It’s hard to tell because I took this at night so the lighting was not ideal so bare with me)

The storage in this thing is totally enough for what we need.  I quite like the sink, I don’t love the faucet but that’s an easy change for some other time when I am not as lazy.  But this thing has just about the worst paint job ever.


SEE HOW SHINY IT IS?!  I used the dang thing to take a selfie.  It’s that glossy.  And black.  All of the black and brown together in the bathroom makes my head hurt.  So dark!  So clashy!  So ugly!  The upside is, whoever painted this thing didn’t use the right kind of paint, apparently, because LOOK WHAT I CAN DO:

Vanity 2

Yep.  I can literally peel the paint off.  In kinda big pieces!  It took me all of 6 minutes to do this:


I could’ve gotten the rest off, sure, but I got distracted by House Hunters or something and I need to get a putty knife out of the garage to get a spot started on the cabinet door so I don’t ruin my not-so-great home manicure I gave myself the other day by scraping at it with my nails.  So my plan for tonight is to peel as much of the paint off as possible, so I can get to work this weekend.

In an ideal world, we would just replace the vanity with one that we like way better, with more/different storage, that hadn’t been badly painted glossy black by some nincompoop who was hell-bent on making my future bathroom as ugly as humanly possible. But this is not an ideal world, so alas, here we are, planning another DIY project.

I’m going to peel as much of the paint off as I can tonight (did I say that already? Probably.  Cool, now I’m repeating myself and I sound insane.  Happy Tuesday to you, too, Universe.) and then I’ll scrub the whole vanity down the TSP one of these weekday evenings or Saturday morning.  I need 4 new cabinet pulls (those ones aren’t my style), and I need to fill in the extra holes because there were smaller pulls there at some point, or something, then I’m going to prime the cabinet, pick a color, and paint it.  Then I will add my new pulls, and it will be gorgeous, and I am stoked.

I’m also going to clean up the paint job around the edge of the shower tiles, there’s still some black paint there from way back when the seller had painted the grout lines black, so I need to go back over it with the yellow.  I also need to touch up the paint around the window in the shower, some of it was taken off when my dad was working on removing the black paint from the shower tiles (seriously, who does that?!).  I’m also going to steam clean the floors in there, there’s still some paint/wall texture on it that’s making it look pretty grungy.  It should be fairly quick work, but it’ll make a big difference!  I’m so excited to see the (temporary) end result.  I’ll post an update when it’s all done!

*Cross your fingers and say a prayer that I actually manage to get it done this weekend, because it’s pretty clear how much I lack motivation on weekends!*


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