Dave Ramsey


I’m 4 weeks into having 2 jobs, and I am exhausted.  This is a LOT of work.  I’m not supposed to say much about my secondary job online (per our Social Media policy), but I can say that I work at a wedding venue, doing tours on the weekend and 3 nights a week.  I’ve been picking up as many extra hours as I can, including bartending a couple of weddings, which is actually super fun because I’m pretty good at it and I get TIPS!!!!

It’s really tiring work; Monday-Wednesday I leave the house at about 7:15am and generally don’t get home until close to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday I leave the house at 6:45am.  So, yeah, I’m super tired basically all the time.

The Dave Ramsey system isn’t easy.  I’m glad he says it in his book, or else I’d be all bummed because it’s haaaaaaaard and I’m tiiiiiiiiiiiired!  But it’s been clear from the start that this isn’t going to be easy.  I was really hoping he was lying, though, because DAMN.

It’s emotionally and mentally draining that I spend almost no time at home, and the time I spend there is 99.9% sleeping.  I wake up in the morning, I go to work, I go to my other job, I come home, I get straight in bed, rinse and repeat.  I barely see Anthony, which is really hard, because he’s cute and I REALLY like him!  Steve has taken to aggressively trying to eat my hair while I’m sleeping, which I looked up and apparently that means that he’s starved for affection because he misses me so much. *heart shatters because I just love my cat so much*, and Lucky jumps up on the bed (NOT COOL DUDE) and aggressively makes himself my little spoon and whines if I stop petting him for even a second (DAMN IT THAT’S CUTE), so it’s safe to say that my critters are feeling pretty neglected too.

So basically, I’m pooped.  It will be so, so, SO worth it in the end, but for right now I’m just really tired.  I have a rare weeknight off tonight, so I’m having a glass(es) of wine, taking a bubble bath, watching a Disney Channel Original Movie (my DVR is full of them, OH THE NOSTALGIA) and going to bed around 9:30pm like the exciting adult I am.

Oh, we’re also gonna work on the house some this weekend…updates to follow soon. 🙂


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