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We had a SUPER productive weekend at the Fisher house!  I had the morning off on Saturday (normally I have to leave the house around 6:45-7am on weekends) so naturally I slept as late as humanly possible before my mom and brothers came over to do some work on the outside of our house.

When we had our home inspection, we were told that on the North (I think?) side of our house there were some soft spots on the siding, but only in one particular area.  That area is basically the stupidest little area ever.


Even if you can look past the incredibly overgrown weediness of it (more on that in a minute), this little area is pretty dumb.  It’s weird and small, behind the gigantic patio, it doesn’t really get any sunlight (lack of sunlight+ridiculous vegetation situation=squishy siding), and we have no idea why it wasn’t just paved as well, but whateva.  So the siding back in this area needed to be replaced, and the weeds needed to go.

My brothers are super handy, but they’re definitely not licensed contractors and have never done any siding type stuff before, but they were confident!  Getting the old siding off was pretty easy, until they discovered that the layer of stuff that goes between the siding and the insulation (honestly I have no idea what it’s called) was also squishy (like you could put your whole arm through it in spots with basically no effort), which is not a good thing!  So then we had to replace that.  Except we didn’t know what it was called or where to get it or how to do it, and it was looking like it was going to start to sprinkle.  So.  Yeah.

Mom and I jumped in the car and went to the local lumber store (which is ADORABLE, it’s a little family-owned cutie patootie Olde Timey lumber store), the people were very helpful as mom and I tried to basically tell them “WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT CAN YOU PLEASE GET US STUFF AND ALSO DELIVER IT KTHANKZ”, ended up talking to my brother Brian on the phone, figured out what the hell mom and I were failing to convey, rang us up, and had it delivered within the hour.  It was awesome.

Ok, so at this point we have the stuff we need.  Cool!  Except the boys were still a little overwhelmed with the whole project, so they called up our dear friend Braddy for assistance.  Brad and his lovely wife Erika came over to help, and MAN, did they get some serious shit done.

(At this point I had to leave to go bartend a wedding, so I admit that I was not present for the rest of the projects that were accomplished on Saturday.  Also, Anthony was at work the entire day so he missed literally everything.)

So, the boys and Brad and Erika got the new OSB stuff (which is what the lumber store guys said was needed for in between the insulation and the siding), and put the new siding up.  It isn’t painted yet, but BEHOLD:


Plus, the weeds are gone!  WEEEE!! My parents are wonderful and have repeatedly let us borrow their weed whacker since we don’t have one, and we finally got around to taking care of this little area.

I am pretty lucky to have such a handy family (and friends) who are so willing to help us out with our house (for free!)  In addition to working on our siding, my brothers and Brad and Erika provided me with the best surprise ever: THEY TOOK DOWN THE ANTENNA!


OOOOOOOH, how I have loathed looking at that antenna.  It was huge and ugly and I HATED IT!  But we hadn’t gotten around to taking it down because the task was daunting, and we’re lazy.  But it came down this weekend, and I could not be happier.


(OK, maybe I would be happier if it weren’t still laying in my backyard, but whatever.  I will take what I can get and I AM THRILLED!)

Then, it was Sunday.  Also Father’s Day.

In lieu of going to my parent’s house for dinner yesterday, my family (because they rock) opted to come over and have a family work day at our house (except Alex, because he was studying or something).  So we spent Father’s Day sweaty and tired working on our house, because seriously I have the best family ever.

Brian and Anthony worked on the fence; there was one section down before we even bought the place, but it wasn’t a huge deal because the house behind us has their own chain-link fence, so there was some sort of fence keeping Lucky from running all over the place being a moron.  They replaced the post last weekend, and moved the old slats onto the new post and rails yesterday.


SO MUCH BETTER!!  We need to clean it up a little bit because it’s pretty ugly right now, but again, that’s a project for another day.


The area on the other side of our house (where the gate is) is Lucky’s favorite spot in the backyard.  It’s where he goes to bark at our neighbor’s dogs, which he does often, because our neighbors (who are lovely people) have 3 (yes I said THREE) small, yippy dogs, who bark all the livelong day.  So Lucky spends a good chunk of time running back and forth barking at them through the fence.  The problem with this area, however, is that it is straight up mud.


Which explains why my house is ALWAYS muddy, especially my bedding (and we all know how I feel about having mud on my pretty white bedding NOOOOOOO MAKE IT STAHP).  So we had to do something about that.  We decided to lay down some contractor bags (cheaper than tarps!) and cover that whole area in a thick layer of gravel.

Hmmmm…where are we going to get a thick layer of gravel?  Oh no, whatever shall we do??

HA.  Just kidding.  Our front yard is a gigantic gravel pit, remember?!



So we moved about a million wheel barrows full of gravel from the front to the back, and now the muddy area looks like this:


SO MUCH BETTER!! No more mud!  Lucky likes it as well.

(Bad news is that all this gravel didn’t even make a dent in the amount that’s in our front yard…*sigh* But we’re going to do the same thing on the other side next weekend, so that’s a good thing, I guess.)

During this whole process, however, the gate had to be wide open, which meant that Lucky had to be inside the house without any peoples, which he DID NOT LIKE, and kept trying to escape…through the cat door.


It did not work.

Also, we started looking at paint colors for the outside of the house!  WEEEEE!  Right now we’re thinking we might go with a gray, so my mom and I went to Ace and grabbed every single gray paint chip that they have.  We also checked out one of the color chip fan things, like we were checking out a library book or something.  We have to bring it back, but I don’t even care because I’m too excited that we were allowed to do that!


Looks better already!  We still haven’t decided if this is THE color or not, but we like it so far!  And it’s gonna sit there for about a month before we paint the rest of the house, so I’m sorry, neighbors, that we’ve temporarily made our house even uglier than it’s been.  We will fix it soon, I promise.

So, that about sums it up.  We got a LOT done this weekend, it was awesome, we are thrilled (and tired).  Hopefully we’ll get more done this coming weekend, too, because THE FISHERS ARE ON A ROLL!

(Except Steve, he spent the whole weekend alternating between napping under the covers in our bed and napping under the couch because he sleeps when he’s stressed.  He is not on a roll, and he is not thrilled about all the banging and people and general disruptions of his happy little routine of taking 9 naps a day.  It’s hard to be Steve.)


(Oh yeah, we also finally got a rug for the living room.  Like 2 weeks ago.)


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