Dave Ramsey, Home Projects

Slow progress

We’ve made a little tiny bit of progress!  But it’s been slow.  I work a lot, and when I’m not working, I’m really tired and honestly probably pretty cranky because I’m so tired.  So the progress is happening, but it’s slow.

We’re about ready to paint the outside of the house!  As you all know (all two of my followers, hi Mom and Dad!), our house is butt ugly right now.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking at it (and cringing) thinking, “There’s no way this house could get any uglier!”

Yeah…then we pressure washed and sanded it.


SO UGLY!  I am so sorry, neighbors, because we are dragging everyone’s property value way down right now.  We will make it pretty soon, I promise!  We are, without a doubt, the ugliest house on the block, by far.

We did decide on the grey color, though!  There are 10 gallons of paint in our garage right now, which we got a great deal on at the Ace Hardware 4th of July sale, so we saved a bunch and got some really good paint!  Anthony and my brothers have pressure washed and sanded the house to remove a bunch of the old paint, and now we just need to prime the spots where bare wood siding is showing, and then we can paint!

As for the inside of our house, we made 2 very small improvements today.  We moved our decorative antique window to a different wall in our bedroom, and hung up floating shelves where the window once was.


The decorative window is now next to the actual window.  In our apartment we had hung it above the fireplace since we didn’t have a mantle, and this window has little hooks on it, so we hung our stockings on them at Christmas.  Now it makes a handy place to hang my bathrobe, because I am one of Those People who is obsessed with my bathrobe and don’t like having it constantly on the floor.  The shelves are just a nice place to put some decorative stuff, like my bouquet from our wedding and the books that have lived on top of our dresser for forever.  I don’t care for keeping things on top of our dresser, mainly because that’s where Steve’s food lives and he seems to think that all of the stuff on top of the dresser is for him to play with and knock over in the middle of the night, every night.

In other news, I’m still doing the two jobs thing!  I am exhausted.  I get asked (often) why I don’t quit the second job because I’m working so many hours, but I’m making it work.  It’s worth it!  We’re making progress toward paying off our debt and it feels amazing.

So, it’s coming along, although slowly.  We’re hoping to be able to paint next weekend (I have the whole weekend off, praise Jesus!  I CAN SLEEP PAST 6:00AM!), but of course, we shall see.  Things aren’t ever happening on my desired timeline, but they’ll get done in due time. 🙂


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