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We painted!  We painted!  It’s a miracle, we painted!

Anthony and I both had Saturday and Sunday off this past weekend (praise Jesus, seriously), so we knew it was finally time.  The boys had pressure washed and sanded the weekend before, and I had primed the spots where all the paint had been blown off during the week, so our house looked like this on Saturday morning:


It was really, really time to paint.

We used Clark and Kensington exterior, the kind that’s paint and primer in one, and the color we chose was English Castle, in satin finish.  We were sad about the name, though.  I’ve always kind of thought that my calling in life is to be a person who chooses names for paint colors (that or a professional binge-watcher), and I was so underwhelmed by English Castle.  There was another grey that we’d looked at called The North Wind Blows, and I was like, “HOLY CRAP, IT’S SO GAME OF THRONES-Y AND IT’S AWESOME AND I LOVE IT!” Except that it was 100% the wrong color for our house.  Too dark, and it had brownish undertones, and I hated it.  But the name!  THE NAAAAAAAAME!!  So we’ve decided to make our own name for English Castle, and I’m calling it Direwolf, because I’m an adult and I do what I want.  Anthony could care less what the paint color is called.

Unfortunately, it was just the two of us painting this weekend.  My parents were in the Dominican Republic, my oldest brother was in Vegas, and my other brother was busy packing for his big move to medical school in Florida.  So it was just the two of us!  We slept in a little on Saturday (so we slept until, like, 8:30 and it was HEAVEN), ate breakfast, and got started.

Throughout the day, several neighbors stopped by to introduce (or re-introduce) themselves and compliment the color, and a couple even thanked us for painting because the blue had been such an eyesore on our street.  We painted all day, and it was HOT out, and we were amazed by how well that paint covers!  Seriously, we were expecting to need to do a couple coats to cover up the pungent blue, but no!  Just one was all it took!

We called it quits at about 5pm on Saturday.  We’d been painting since about 11am, with the exception of our 1 hour lunch break, during which we watched an episode of Game of Thrones (the one where Ned loses his head, #RipNedStark #ScrewJoffrey), and we were pretty exhausted.  We got started again at about noon on Sunday (after we spent the morning driving around our lovely rural town looking for Pokemon) and were pretty much done by 5:00 again.  We still need to do under the eaves (which, seriously, is stupid.  My body doesn’t bend that way, and there are spiders under the eaves, no freaking thank you) and a couple of other random spots that are really hard to get to with a brush, but I think my dad has a paint sprayer attachment for his air compressor?  Or something?  So we’re going to figure that out and borrow that to get those weird difficult spots done.  Then we need to do the trim, which still looks terrible, but for the most part, our house is painted!



The only downside to all of this beauty is the amount of paint it took.  We bought 10 gallons of paint, after being assured by multiple sources that we would need 10 gallons to paint our little house.  How many gallons did it end up taking to paint our whole house? FOUR.  It took 4 gallons to paint our entire house.  That Clark and Kensington paint is no joke, it covers SO well!  We did the entire front with just 1 gallon.  So now we have 6 gallons of paint that we don’t need and can’t return, so…that’s cool.  We’ll keep it, of course, for touch ups, but 6 gallons is a lot of touch ups!  Oh well, better safe than sorry!  (And for real, I can’t say enough good things about C&K paint.  It’s amazing.  Look at the color that it covered up with JUST ONE COAT AND ONLY 4 GALLONS TOTAL FOR THE ENTIRE STINKIN’ HOUSE! SORCERY, I TELL YOU!)

Once we get the trim painted, new front door, shutters, new house numbers and a front lawn, we will have ourselves a seriously cute little house!  Our quest for curb appeal is just beginning, but we’re on our way!


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