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It keeps getting better!

In a short two weeks, a couple more things have changed!  First off:


It was a fairly spur of the moment decision, that we’d actually been talking about for a long time.  We’ve known since long before we bought our house that we wanted to adopt a second dog at some point.  However, in all of the apartments we’ve ever lived in, we faced the dreaded Two Pet Limit.  And we had two pets!  So, crap.

Then, we bought a house and we thought (and talked) about it some more.  We’d been looking online, but it kept seeming like it wasn’t the right time to bring another dog into the family.  So we kept putting it off, and both of us kept secretly looking online at adoptable dogs as a guilty pleasure.  But it wasn’t time!  So we would wait.

Then, Anthony needed to go to the shelter near his work to drop off a check (his store sponsors that shelter, and they’d done a community service event to raise money for them).  Anthony is a person who should never be allowed to go places where there are animals, especially unsupervised.  He decided it couldn’t hurt to just go walk through the dog area (bad idea), just to say hi to all the dogs (lies), and he saw her, and fell in love.

It’s never surprising to me when I receive a text during the day with a picture of a puppy that says “CAN WE HAVE IT??”, but the answer is always no.  We’re busy, Steve and Lucky are great, we don’t need another dog!  But something about her made me say, “NO!”  To which he replied, “But she’s so sweet!”  And something in her eyes made me ask him questions.  She’s about a year old, she’s a mutt (they think she’s part Australian Cattle Dog, but we have no idea), she was a stray in Texas who wound up at a high-kill shelter before a volunteer group brought her up here.  She had only been at the shelter for about a week, and she was absolutely perfect.  I met her that evening after work, and we had her put on hold until the next evening so we could bring Lucky to meet her.  We brought him over on Friday afternoon, they hit it off wonderfully, so we gladly paid the adoption fee and brought our girl home.  The shelter had been calling her Sienna, which didn’t suit her at all, so we immediately changed her name.

This is Emmy:


She is adorable and perfect and we love her.  She’s a lot more mellow than Lucky (which isn’t hard, he’s a pretty In Yo Face kind of guy), she’s sweet as can be and loves to cuddle.  She gets a little aggressive with Lucky right now while she’s eating, but that’ll fade in time as she gets more comfortable being at home.  She doesn’t really bark unless she has a really good reason (like shutting up the SUPER annoying Pomeranians next door), she likes to nap and she’s a really sound sleeper.  She does like to chew on things (hence the bone and not-pictured shredded stuffed moose, RIP) and isn’t trained at all, so we are signing her up for training classes ASAP.  She did wonderfully on our walk yesterday (Lucky did not do wonderfully on our walk yesterday), and she is absolutely a perfect fit for our family.  We* adore her already.

*”We” in this case meaning Anthony and I.  Lucky is still under the impression that Emmy’s just visiting, and Steve most definitely does not adore her.  He’ll come around eventually.

And, in other news, we have shutters!  Our house is so much cuter now!  My mom made them for us, and my dad installed them, and they are perfect!


The color is Valspar’s Sweet Corn.  I am obsessed with it, not just because it’s bright and cheerful without becoming SUNSHINEBANANASCHOOLBUS yellow, but because I LOVE corn.  Seriously, it’s always been one of my favorite foods.  Especially on the cob!  The year and a half that I had braces was rough.

We still have some more projects to do; thicker trim around the front door and garage, adding shutters to the rest of the windows, putting up the new house numbers (I ordered some wood ones online and painted them the same color as the front door, but it rained yesterday so I didn’t feel like putting them up yet), painting the trim in a couple more places, new porch lights, etc.  Plus, you know, the entire front yard.  So, I guess we actually have a lot to do!  We’re getting ready to start getting the yard ready to move the gravel so that we can put in the sod (does that even make sense?), but it’s a whole process.

We’ve come to a decision about our garage.  Remember when I was so excited because we’d cleared it out and I could park my car in it?  Ah, those were the days.  It’s since become full of old siding (from when my brothers ripped off half my house and replaced it in the rain, THX GUYZ U ROCK), the Antenna Of Ugliness, a billion paint cans, tools, the garbage/recycling/yard waste bins, dog food, etc.  There could be a colony of Romani gypsies living in there and we wouldn’t know.  It’s a mess.  But even when it’s clean, it’s not a large garage.  We have some shelving on each side of it that provides really useful storage space.  However, the shelves on one of the sides make it impossible for a passenger to get in or out of a car that’s parked in there.  So in order to fix that, we’d have to get rid of those shelves (there’s nowhere else to put them in the garage, it’s a tight squeeze!), but there goes all that storage.  So we’ve decided that our garage is going to be a storage garage, not a car garage.  We’re going to take the gravel from the front yard and put it on each side of the driveway to widen it so that we can both park there without needing to park tandem, because that’s a big ole pain.

So in order to put sod down in the front yard, we need to:

  1. Kill the weeds along the sides of the driveway.  This is proving easier said than done, as they are some seriously large and intense weeds that need to be dug out, and we’ve had to try 2 different kinds of weed killer on them.  We sprayed them again yesterday, so hopefully it works this time.
  2. Dig out the weeds on the side of the driveway.
  3. Lay down tarp or something so that the weeds can’t grow back.
  4. Move all the gravel approximately 3-10ft to the sides of the driveway, on top of the tarp/whatever.
  5. Spread out all the gravel.
  6. Take the crappy, hole-filled weed barrier that the seller had used underneath the gravel off, throw it away.
  7. Break up the incredibly packed in dirt that has been trapped under the gravel for a number of years (we will likely need to borrow or rent a Roto-Tiller for this, whatever that is)
  8. Rip out the landscape timbers that frame the gravel pit, put them beside the house so we can use them to build a raised flower bed (or something) at some point.  This will be challenging because they were professionally installed with railroad ties.  They’re, uh, really in there.
  9. Have topsoil delivered, spread it all out.
  10. Roll out sod.
  11. Water like crazy until the rainy season officially begins (which could be any day now, because it’s NW Washington).

It’s a daunting list.  It stresses me out looking at it, because we’re doing all of the labor ourselves to save money.  And it’s a LOT of labor.  And timing is actually kind of limited, because once autumn starts in NW Washington, it’s basically winter and it won’t stop being winter until around April.  Plus, we’re out of town this weekend for a wedding, so that’s one more weekend we can’t get anything done.  Hopefully we can focus and get a lot done in the upcoming weeks, we’ve got a long way to go!


1 thought on “It keeps getting better!”

  1. She’s adorable! I love puppies, and I probably wouldn’t be able to walk out of a shelter without an animal either.

    And the shutters look good. The yellow really pops out when contrasted with the grey.


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