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A pit of endless rocks.

We got a little more work done this weekend!  Anthony worked all weekend, and I was gone all day Saturday, but my dad came over on Sunday and helped with a couple little projects.

The porch light at our house is stupid.  It’s a weird, tiny little thing.  Because of where the door is located and the screen door that used to be on it, small was the only way to go since the screen door almost hit it every time it opened.  We removed the screen door about 4 minutes after we got the keys, and ever since we’ve been stuck with a weirdly tiny little light by our front door.  We did end up partially disassembling it when we painted, and then the bulb burned out and the only replacement bulbs we had were too big to fit in the tiny little case thing, so for about 2 months our light has looked like this:


Yes, tasteful and classy, we know.

But on Saturday I was at Costco with my mom, and discovered a fabulous light at a great price and I decided we needed it right that very second!  So I bought it, and my dad came over to install it.


Isn’t it pretty??  So much bigger and far less janky!

Plus, it’s LED so it’ll take forever to burn out, and it’s got a sensor so it turns off in the daylight but turns on in the dark all on its own!  This is perfect, since here in the great grey PNW during the fall and winter, it’s dark when I leave for work and generally almost dark when I get home (and soon, it WILL be dark when I get home), and I hate walking up to the door in the dark and trying to get my keys sorted out.  But, I also don’t like leaving the porch light on all day, because nothing screams, “Vacant house, nobody home!” like a porch light that’s on all day.

Over all, I am VERY happy with our pretty new light.  It’s nice and bright, it’s not gross, and it wasn’t super expensive!

Anthony left work a little early on Sunday, and as soon as he got home we started moving the last of the gravel.  We’ve had a couple small piles of the grey stuff and a bunch of the white stuff still laying around the yard, and it’s time to just suck it up and get it all moved.


So close, yet so far from done!

We moved the remaining grey gravel to the backyard to thicken up the area on the south side of the house by the fence, and we’re working on moving the white gravel to as many random places as we can.  We expanded the white stuff on the side of the driveway by about another 2 feet last weekend because we honestly didn’t know what else to do with the gravel.  We’ve also put a bunch more behind the rhododendron by our living room window and in the weird little flower bed area on one side of the house (which I have never photographed because there’s exactly 1 bush there, it’s pretty uneventful), and we are SO CLOSE to being DONE DONE DONE moving gravel.  If we’re really buckled down and worked for like 8 straight hours, I’m sure we could’ve done it all in one weekend, but alas, we are lazy and it took us over a month.  But there’s a LOT of gravel!! (Which I realize I have said about 50 times now, but really, it’s a LOT)

This is what our driveway looks like now, with all the gravel on both sides:


Be amazed by the talent and finesse with which I cover up my license plate number using Paint, like a real live adult artist.

The whole little yard patch between our house and the neighbor’s house has (clearly) been filled in with a nice thick layer of gravel.  Our neighbor has always parked his truck right there, and he said he gets a bunch of gravel to fill it in every couple years, but hadn’t for probably 8 or so; he was super excited about the free gravel so he could fill it in, and we did the same.  The extra parking space is AWESOME, both our cars fit now!  And the white on the other side will look a lot prettier with a proper border rather than the landscape timbers we put there just to keep the gravel from spilling over into where the grass will soon be.  And there’s a bunch of dirt mixed in with it right now in a not-so-pretty way, hopefully the rain will wash it away so it’ll be pretty white again soon!

The last area with any white gravel is right next to the tree stump.  I was working on filling the wheel barrow up yesterday, and pulled up as much of the weed barrier as I could, only to discover the worst possible thing I could imagine:



Yep!  In the area right around our tree stump, the ground is super uneven (due, of course, to the roots of the tree that once was there) so it was at some point filled in with rocks to level it out.  Clearly they are much bigger than gravel, and they’re super duper compacted down in there, so it was a pain to get them out.  Anthony actually broke our metal garden rake trying to get them out, not 10 seconds after I explicitly asked him to NOT break the garden rake.  I about cried when I saw the rocks under the weed barrier, because YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, UNIVERSE!  Our front yard is literally a pit of endless rocks.  It is ridiculous!

We’ll be totally done with gravel moving this week, though!  Anthony is out of town for work until…some day that is not today.  I should really find out when he comes back, since as his wife it’s my responsibility to drive the 90 minutes to the airport to pick him up at 12:30am on a weekday. (Whoever it is at the corporate level who books the flights for these things can bite me).  But when he gets back, he has the next day off and is going to move the rest of the white rocks and rake as many of the stragglers up as he can.  Then we need to ask our neighbor to borrow his roto-tiller, figure out how to use said roto-tiller, use it, get some dirt, get some seed, and BOOM!

I can’t wait for it to be done.  This project has been really draining and stressful, and now we get the delightful task of figuring out what to do with a ton of much-bigger-than-gravel rocks that we don’t want.  I’m about to start scattering them around my neighbor’s yards in the dead of night, like some rock-bearing ninja fairy that everyone will hate.

(But we’re greatly improving the curb appeal and thus raising the property value of the neighborhood, so maybe they’ll forgive me?)


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