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An endless pit of mud

The gravel pit is no more!  If I never see those little grey specks of hate in front of my house again, it will be too soon.  Hooray, no more gravel!

However, the gravel pit is now a dirt pit.  And it rains here, a lot.  So now it’s a mud pit.


(Ignore the landscape timbers, that’s temporary until we get about 30 feet of edging stones to line the white gravel)

It’s also SUPER uneven because of where the landscape timbers were installed.  It’s definitely not very pretty right now, but unfortunately we’ve decided to put the front yard on hold until spring.  There’s still a lot that needs to be done (every one of those stupid little rocks needs to be raked out of the dirt), we kind of need to figure out what to do with that weird tree stump that’s kind of in the middle of everything (put grass all around it?  Have it removed?  Turn it into a bug fighting arena?  The possibilities are endless), and of course the roto tilling, new soil and seed.  We just don’t think we can get it done in the needed time frame (which is, like, NOW) before it gets too cold.  I mean, there was ICE on my car this morning.  ICE.  So I kind of think our window may have passed.

Plus, Anthony is working a TON of hours right now, so that basically leaves just me to get all that done.  And I’m…really lazy.  And wimpy.  So it’s just not gonna happen right now, unfortunately.  The mud pit will remain until probably March, maybe April.  We aren’t sure, but we’re kind of glad to be done for a while.  It’s a nice break on the wallet, and we’ve taken the money we had set aside for the yard and put it towards our debt!  So over all, a pretty good thing.

Plus, with the landscape timbers out, we can actually see how BIG our front yard is!  It was really tough when there was a giant square in the middle of a not-square yard, but now that they’re all out, it’s actually pretty cool.


It’s actually pretty big!  And it’ll be so pretty once it’s landscaped.  But for now, sorry neighbors, the mud pit is here to stay for the winter.


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