Surprise Pumpkin Cookies

Anthony loves cookies.  And he loves pumpkin.  And he's always whining that I never make cookies, or when I do, I make them and take all of them to work to share with everyone at the office.  He kind of has a point...I love to bake cookies.  I don't care much for cake or cupcakes,… Continue reading Surprise Pumpkin Cookies

Pet Ownership Woes

Life in the shredder.

We figured out shortly after we adopted Emmy that she is a chewer/shredder.  More shredder than chewer, really.  She is not satisfied while things in our home are whole. This is what I came home to on Thursday of this week: What's that, you ask?  That gigantic mess is 199 puppy training pads.  They'd been… Continue reading Life in the shredder.