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Kitchen walls are for squares

Well hello, blog, it’s been a while!

A whole bunch of nothing has been happening at our house, other than Emmy attending dog training classes because she’s cute but she’s a jerk and that doesn’t fly with me.  She’s doing very well and hasn’t chewed a shoe in quite some time now!

BUT, this weekend we finally did a big fat project we have been wanting to do since we moved in: we opened up the kitchen wall.  Our neighbors (who have lived in their house for, like, 30 years) told us that when the original owner (Old Lady) lived there, the kitchen had a large cutout in the wall.  Well, Old Lady passed away and her son inherited the house, and he closed up the wall for reasons unknown.  It would’ve made sense if he’d intended to put more cabinets on the wall to add more storage (it’s a pretty dang small kitchen), but he did not add more cabinets.  So…why the wall??  We will never know.


Picture from the listing, before cute green paint and much cooler faucet. Wah wah.

But we were thrilled when we heard that the wall was open at one point, because that meant it could be open again!  It (clearly) took us about 9 months, but the work finally started on Saturday morning and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Anthony had to work on Saturday, so my brothers and their friend Brad came over to get the wall down.  All in all, it actually only took about 30 minutes to get it completely opened up.  It started like this…


And then this…


And then quickly became this…


And then…


We still don’t know what’s up with the super weird configuration of boards right there in the middle.  Like…wut?  It ended up being fairly easy to take them all out, because the weirdo who put the wall up used screws instead of nails, thank goodness.

Once that was done, they cut open the other side, and…



I can’t even describe how happy I was at that very moment.  So much light flooded into our kitchen!  It’s been such a dark little room, and now it’s bright and airy since we’ve got that gigantic living room window that lets in so much natural light.

After we got the initial hole cut, the boys opened it up all the way to the edges.


So.  Much.  SAWDUST.

It’s really lucky that we found the edges of the original wall, which have nice rounded corners.  We had to sand the crap out of everything around it and apply some mud and new texture to it, but I love the look of the soft rounded corners so I’m a happy gal.

We also discovered a lovely note from the weirdo who put up the wall…


I kid you not, this was written on a 2×4 that we took out of that wall.  So…that’s alarming.

After the opening was totally done and ready, the guys installed basically a window sill on the ledge (which still needs trim added to the bottom and paint, but that can wait a couple days)


And now that it’s (mostly) said and done, we have a beautiful open kitchen that I am completely obsessed with.  Our house won’t ever be large, but it feels so much bigger with the wall down!  It’s amazing what a difference a 6 foot cut out can make.  It’s airy and bright and I have been hardcore fangirling over my lack of a kitchen wall since Saturday.  No shame in this game!


Anthony didn’t want to be in the picture but also didn’t want to move, so…too bad, babe.

Plus, in keeping with our goal to do things as inexpensively as possible, we are so proud of ourselves for doing this entire project for only $110 ($75 for materials, $30 for beer, $10 for pizzas).  I call that a win!

I can’t thank Brian, Alex and Brad enough for their help (OK calling it ‘help’ isn’t really accurate, they literally did everything) in making our house feel bigger, brighter and all around AMAZING, just in time for the holidays!  We’re having Anthony’s siblings and their families stay with us for New Year’s Eve, I’m so glad the wall is down so we’ll all be able to hang out together while I shove my face full of food in the kitchen because CALORIES DON’T COUNT ON HOLIDAYS, FOLKS!

We still have a lot we want to do with the kitchen (paint the cabinets, add hardware, new countertops and backsplash) but that can wait, right now we’re just so excited about our lack of a wall that we can’t even think about doing any more projects for a while.

(And last night we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens WHILE I made tacos, because I COULD SEE THE TV FROM THE KITCHEN and really, that’s the dream.  It doesn’t get much better than that!)


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