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There’s a horcrux in my wall.

Ok, I am not normally a paranoid person, but I am about ready to burn our house to the ground because I kind of think it’s haunted.

Last night at 2:30am, the living room TV came on.  I woke up right away because I’m super sensitive to light when I sleep (I would make an excellent cave-dweller, as long as the cave was really just a house with great WIFI, a bathtub, no spiders and really really dark curtains), and it scared the crap out of me.  First of all, why is it on??  Emmy was sleeping on the couch (rude), Steve was sleeping on my legs (cute), Lucky was sleeping in his bed in our room (typical), and the remote was on the coffee table.  So there’s no way a pet stepped on it and accidentally turned it on.  Also, infomercials were playing.  Neither Anthony or myself watches infomercial channels, so wtf.  I got up and turned it off, but then had a very hard time falling back asleep.

There are a couple of possibilities here.

  1. Our TV has a short, or something.
  3. Our pets are ninjas who can turn on the tv and then immediately be several feet away from the remote, fast asleep.

I think option 2 is far more likely.

The curse of the wall has come true.  Somehow, in opening the wall in the kitchen, we have unleashed a curse, and maybe the ghost of Norma, the old lady who originally owned the house (because the ghost must be an old woman, who else watches infomercials at 2:30am?)


We should’ve taken this warning more seriously.

So, yeah, I’m about ready to burn the house down because I am not down with QVC-watching ghosts hanging out in my living room at 2:30am.  Goodbye, house, it’s been real.


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