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Adventures in flooring, continued.

Through complete luck and happenstance, we get to carpet our bedrooms next week!


Our bedrooms currently have laminate flooring, which, on its own, is fine.  It’s dark, which is my preference, so that’s good.  What’s not good, however, is that because of how our house is laid out, the “meh” laminate bumps right up against our lovely, real oak hardwoods that are in the living and dining, and it looks awful.

Here’s a really-not-that-great, totally-not-to-scale thing I made on Paint (like a professional artist) to show our weird layout.  Most people assume that there’s a hallway in our house, but nope: the master bedroom and office are right off the living room, as is the bathroom (yeah it’s awkward), and the guest room is off the entryway in the very front of the house.


So, you see, the laminate is clearly super visible from the living room, and it just looks awful next to the pretty oak hardwoods.  I’m sure, at some point, the bedrooms were carpeted (because the house was built in ’72 I’m sure it was a super neutral color, too, like pink or maroon or forest green, and it was probably shag) but when the Old Lady’s son inherited the house and did some renovations he ripped out the carpet and put in the laminate.

It’s always been our plan to carpet the bedrooms eventually, because holy Lord Jesus, I cannot freakin’ even with the noise of the dogs walking around the bedroom at night.  Lucky sleeps in our room, Emmy sleeps in the living room, Steve sleeps on the bed with us; Lucky tends to get up and pace around the room a lot, generally looking for an open spot on the bed where there’s room for him to jump up and sleep by our feet.  But he’ll walk around the bed several times before he finds a spot, and then (because he’s not a skinny dog) has to get himself all ready to attempt the jump up onto the bed, which involves a lot more footwork and occasionally a running start.  All this commotion wakes me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., and it’s ridiculous.  But, because carpeting 3 (albeit small) bedrooms isn’t super cheap, we’ve been putting it on the “someday” list of home projects, and dealing with the loud ass laminate and the dust bunnies the size of guinea pigs that I have to vacuum up from under our bed every 2 minutes.


My mom was perusing Facebook and was looking on one of those local Buy/Sell/Trade pages, where someone was giving away 900sq ft of brand new carpet.  For free.  Basically, they’d purchased a home with brand-spanking-new, hardly-even-walked-on carpet, but didn’t want carpet, so they had it ripped out.  But it’s brand new, perfectly good carpet, so they took to the Interwebz to find someone to give it to instead of throwing it away, and I am suuuuuper glad they did.  My mom was all over that posting, rented a van, and went to pick up our new carpet the same day!

I then took to the Facebook to find an installer on our local Side Jobs page.  I posted that I had carpet, I will get padding, and I needed laminate removal and carpet installation.  Within 20 minutes I had 2 different professionals message me offering their rates, we booked one of them, he’ll be here at 8 on Monday morning to install our new flooring!  I’m very excited.

We only need about 400sq ft of the carpeting, so the OTHER good news is that we can give the rest back to my parents so they can put new carpeting in their family room downstairs.  It’s a win-win, everyone gets carpet for just the cost of padding and installation!


I couldn’t find one that already said “carpet”, so…yeah.  I made my own.

For anyone in the process of buying a home, or renovating one, or whatever, who has visions of beautiful hardwoods throughout the entire house, I would strongly encourage you to REALLY think about it before you do: hardwoods are beautiful, but:

  1. They’re LOUD, especially if you’ve got pets or little kids, or if you ever drop anything.  Sometimes Steve knocks my phone off the nightstand in the wee hours of the morning and it wakes me immediately because it’s so damn loud.
  2. They’re cold.  If you live somewhere warm, whatever, I’m sure it isn’t an issue, but here in the PNW in the winter, cold floors are a real thing and I am not about that freezing-my-toes-off life.
  3. The goddamn dust bunnies.  Enough said.
  4. They’re hard.  Yes, this is a given, but I’m thinking down the line to when we (hopefully) have a couple kids, I’d like to have a nice, soft surface for them to lay on and play on in their rooms (and also to fall on, because that’s inevitable).  I’ve been an eyewitness to little kids running around in a house with hardwoods slip and fall and crack their heads on whatever MANNNNNNNY a time (#nannylife), and I’d like to avoid it as much as possible.

We have no intention of ever removing the hardwoods in the living or dining room: ripping out real hardwood floors to replace them with something else should be illegal, and those who choose to do it should be marched through the streets while a nun walks behind them with a bell yelling, “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!”, and then people can throw stuff at them and yell things!  (Can we tell that I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones again?) But still, a march of atonement should be mandatory for monsters who rip out real hardwoods to put in laminate or whatever.  The hardwood is here to stay, although at some point we hope to have it refinished in a darker stain, but I can’t wait to see the laminate go!  Warm, soft, carpeted floors are my jam, and they’ll be in our bedrooms on Monday morning!


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