Home Projects

A productive week, indeed!

It’s been quite the week!  We’ve gotten a lot done, I’m very proud of us.  I’m also very ready to be done doing anything for the rest of the month, because DUDE.

We got our carpets installed last week, and they look amazing.  It took longer than anticipated (all day Monday, and then he had to come back Tuesday after we got home from work to finish up), but he did an awesome job, I can’t see any seams at all and I’m a happy camper!

I’m terrible at taking “before” pictures…oops.

BUT, in order to make this a seamless transition from one topic to the next, I will now discuss the guest room, which I DO have “before” pictures of, with the old floors!  So it works for both topics!  See what I did there? SEAMLESS.

Our guest room is pretty bare; we still haven’t painted it, so it’s super-stark, bright-ass-white at the moment.  We had a bed in there, and a nightstand, and that’s all.  It was fine, but pretty “meh”.  I’ve been looking for a headboard for the guest bed for MONTHS, to no avail.  I’ve scoured OfferUp and have had a really hard time finding the right size (full/double, not twin or queen!), the right look, or the right price; The sheer number of people that are attempting to sell their old IKEA furniture online for almost double the retail price is baffling.  So I’ve been waiting, and last week, I struck gold!  I found a nice metal bedframe with head and footboard for $50. Perfect price, it’s got the right look and is a perfect someday-project-piece.  Eventually I’ll paint it a super cool color, but for now the black will do just fine.  I also switched out the bedding on the guest bed, so the quilt my mom made me for my 23rd birthday is on the bed, looking absolutely gorgeous, and rearranged the furniture.  I topped it off with a picture we were given as a wedding gift hanging above the bed, and it looks a million times better!  We still need to paint, but for now, it’s way better. (Plus, we don’t have overnight guests all that often, so it can remain fairly low on the priority list a while longer.)



TA-DAAAA!  I love it.  Plus, see, old floors and new!

We also cleaned out our garage this weekend, which was so beyond necessary, I can’t even.

We’d been using the garage as storage since this summer, when we decided that it wasn’t really going to work to park cars in it, because of the narrow one-car driveway, tandem-parking-is-stupid situation.  I almost always get home before Anthony does, but I also leave way before him, but it makes sense that the person who gets home first gets their car parked in the garage, but then the other person has to move their car out of the way in the morning, unless they’ve parked on the street, but then why do we even have a driveway if nobody can park in it, etc.  So it’s a storage garage, which is just fine by us.  But hot damn, it had gotten out of control.


Yeah, it’s embarrassing.  Landscape timbers with giant railroad nails sticking out of them) from the front yard, rocks from the front yard, the rusty old screen door we took off before we even moved in, the antenna from the roof, 2×4’s and drywall from the kitchen wall project, the hose from the backyard that Emmy decided was an awesome chew toy and ripped into pieces, the leftover laminate from the kitchen counters, the old tile from the kitchen floor, some random cardboard boxes/empty dog food bags/cat litter box/nasty old buckets full of mortar, and the laminate from the bedrooms.  We could hardly open the door without needing tetanus shot, and it had gotten out of control.  We’d been waiting until we felt like we had enough stuff to justify renting a UHaul to take a trip to Le Dump, and the time had finally come.  We got a 10’truck, filled it to the ceiling, and made our way to Le Dump.

*The only thing that didn’t fit in the truck is the giant rusty metal pole that had held the antenna on the roof.  Corner-to-corner, the truck was 12′, and, of course, the pole is 12.5′, so that’s still in the garage.  Not thrilled about that, but oh well.

Le Dump is a pretty cathartic place.  Stinky as hell, but it feels good to chuck all that crap in the pit of doom!  We weren’t super surprised at how much it cost, and yet, we were; at our local Le Dump, it’s $105/ton.  Our load cost $95.  We had almost a metric ton of shit in our garage!

After we returned the truck and got home, Anthony cleaned the garage, and it looks way better.  We finally have an orderly space to keep the garbage, recycling and yard waste containers (the garbage had been sitting in the driveway for a few weeks because it was so difficult to get it in and out of the garage, and I am NOT a person who is ok with keeping their curbside garbage can in their driveway on a regular basis, so I’m really happy about this), and space to do some projects in the garage if we need to.


Still not a glamorous space, but it’s clean and looks way better than it did before!  I’ll take it.

In other news, Anthony and I both deleted our Facebook pages about a week and a half ago.  It felt good to do, and we haven’t missed them!  My blog posts used to post to my Facebook wall, and people clicked and read and it was wonderful, but now that I don’t have a Facebook wall to post to, please subscribe if you’d like to get emails when I post something!

We’re almost ready to be done with house projects for a few weeks.  The switch we so desperately need for our garbage disposal is being installed on Friday (WOOOOO!! FINAALLLLLLLLLYYYY!!!), and that’ll probably be it for February.  We might do a couple more little things, but I doubt it.  With all the projects we’ve done the last few weeks that have required my entire house to be torn apart, this is what I feel like I spend all my time at home doing:


And I’d really rather be doing this:


Or this:


So it’s about time for a little house project break.  I haven’t saddled up my seahorse in WEEKS.


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