Home Projects

Mud, mud, mud.

Work started on our driveway this weekend!  It’s very thrilling and also super messy.

We weren’t expecting to get work started quite this soon, but our contractor said he could get started as soon as we’d signed the contract and paid the deposit, and we realized, “Wait a minute…we can do that, like…right now!”  We got all this figured out on Thursday evening, and when he said he’d be over the following evening to sign and collect, I realized it was probably about dang time I let the neighbors know about the work happening between our driveways.  I left them a note when I got home apologizing in advance for any disruption in parking for a few days, then went inside and went about my evening.  I was a little surprised when the lady next door knocked on the door and asked if we could send the contractor their way after he was done at our house that evening, because they’d like to get a quote for him to pave the rest of the way between our two driveways as well.  They’ve lived there for 25+ years and finally got sick of the gravel and grass situation, I guess, so we sent the contractor over and they obviously liked what he quoted because he’s paving their half too!  So now, we’ll share a megadriveway with the neighbors, and there will be no gravel in sight!  It’ll be way nicer to look at, and just in general easier to park on.  With the new megadriveway we’ll each be able to fit 4 cars in our driveway; most of the houses in our neighborhood have one-car driveways and multi-car households, so there are a lot of cars parked on the street-especially in the evening when everyone is home from work, so it’ll be really nice (on the fairly rare occasion that we have people over #homebodies4lyfe) for them to be able to park in the driveway instead of parallel parking on the street a couple houses away.

I was pretty surprised when Greg (the contractor) came back the next morning; I kind of figured he wouldn’t want to work weekends and would wait until Monday, but nope!  He started digging on Saturday morning, but it was pretty dang slow work, because he was doing it all by hand.  He was only there for a few hours before he left, and shortly thereafter some man came and delivered this beauty to my driveway:


Greg came back yesterday at about 11am and was over until about 6:30pm, just digging.  There’s a LOT of earth to move between the driveways, especially since driveway concrete needs to be a minimum of 5-6″ thick to park on.  Plus, he’s gotta get through all the gravel…yikes!  I basically spent the whole day with my face smooshed up against the living room window watching the slow moving excitement happening in my front yard.  People driving by kept slowing down and staring, like, “The mud yard people…are DOING SOMETHING?? Shocking!  Honey, get the kids, this is a historic moment!”, which was pretty hilarious to watch.


I stared at this all freakin’ day.

Also, side note, I texted that picture to my mom, and she called me to ask me if Greg had dug up the entire driveway, because “I don’t see the driveway!  It’s all just dirt!  Is he digging it all up?!”  Nope, it’s just super dirty, and I’m sure I would’ve noticed if he’d jackhammered out our entire driveway while we were sitting in the living room watching Grey’s Anatomy.  But, then again, maybe I wouldn’t, because it was the episode with the hospital shooting at the end of season 6 and it was VERY INTENSE.

At the end of yesterday, most of the middle area of the soon-to-be MEGADRIVEWAY was dug up, as well as the area on the other side of our driveway.  He’s gotta do a little more digging there to get it to the right depth, and then he needs to start on the triangle of stupidness and the other weird little patch of mud by the front door.  He won’t be able to pour the concrete today, because A) he’s not quite done digging, and B) it’s freakin’ pouring outside today. (People, do not believe movies and TV shows about living in Western Washington, in which it appears that it doesn’t dump rain all the livelong day in the autumn, winter and spring.  Those shows and movies are lying, it’s cold and wet and grey here.  Yes, 10 Things I Hate About You, I’m talking about YOU.)


I think we’re just adding insult to injury by adding even more dirt to our front yard, even though it’s temporary.

And, oh yeah, we have a small issue with the yard stuff.  The quote that the landscaper gave us for prepping the yard for sod includes digging down a ways in our mud pit, and hauling away all of the unnecessary, crappy, rock filled dirt.  Yeah, that was all well and good until we told Greg he could put the dirt he dug out for the driveway expansion in the yard….and then the neighbors also booked him, so he’s digging out a LOT more dirt than we’d initially anticipated, and all of it is going in our front yard…there’s, like, a LOT of dirt in our yard now.  So I’m a little worried that the landscaper is gonna be like, “NOPE, I didn’t sign up for an archaeological dig, gimme more money”, which would not be ideal!  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.  Plus, I asked the landscaper if he could move our yard project up a week, which he was happy to do, so the yard will be totally prepped for sod and landscaping before the beginning of April!

Curb appeal is coming!  Hopefully people will stop giving us dirty looks when they drive by; we get it, our yard is mud, we’re working on it, COME AT ME BRO.



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