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Concrete jungle


It took longer than we’d anticipated to get it, but it’s here!  On the ground!  In my driveway!  We were hoping to be able to pour the concrete last week, but it rained all week so it had to wait until yesterday. It’s still wet, we can’t drive on it for a week, but it’s there!  Goodbye, gravel, SEE YOU NEVER!

And now, the “Before” and “After” pictures:


It’s still really messy (and wet), but Greg is coming back today to pressure wash the old concrete to get all the gunk off of it and make sure the brushed texture is all perfect (it did rain again last night), and I am SO excited for it to be dry!  I can’t wait to make our nice, new, BIG front porch all adorable.

It’s only been a week without the double-driveway and it’s been horrible.  We are SO ready for the concrete to dry so that we can be done parking tandem in the driveway.  Anthony got home after me on Saturday, so he parked behind my car in the driveway.  We were both home on Sunday, and he said he’d move his car to the curb before bed that night so it wouldn’t be in the way of my car when I went to leave for work in the morning.  Well, he forgot, so yesterday I walked outside to get in the car and leave, and found my car blocked in the driveway.  Oh, and because it was 7am, both of our cars needed the ice scraped off of them.  So I had to warm up both cars, then scrape ice off of both of them so that I could safely back Anthony’s out of the driveway without running over one of the many high school students who walk/ride skateboards down the middle of our street on their way to school.  I was NOT AMUSED.

Our landscaper is coming to prep the yard next Friday, which is a VERY good, much-needed thing.  Apparently yesterday, while Greg was working on getting everything ready before the concrete truck arrived, someone walking in the neighborhood stopped and asked him what he was doing.  He told her that he was getting ready to pour concrete for us, and she asked, “In the whole front yard?  Did they just give up completely?”


No, lady, we didn’t give up completely.  Also, RUDE.  Thankfully, Greg told her that we’re putting in a front lawn in a few weeks, and she shut up and kept walking.

I’m getting really anxious for the front of the house to be done.  I want my driveway, my porch, my lawn, my flowers and my trees.  The mud is overwhelming (and I should really inform the landscaper of the extra mud…there’s no way he’s not going to notice it), and it’s been torn apart for so long that the neighbors (clearly) have kind of given up on us.

At least there’s one adorable thing in the front of our house.


Yep, I went there.  I am the Queen of Cheesy. 🙂



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