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The most beautiful dirt in the world

Our yard is coming together!  The driveway and porch are dry, we are loving parking on the gigantic megadriveway.

unnamed (10)

This is from last week, before the new driveway was dry. We don’t have to park in the middle anymore!

I’ll get around to decorating the front porch soon, but for the past week we’ve been all about landscaping.

For the bulk of this week, this is what our yard has looked like:

unnamed (3)

Huge piles of mud, rocks, twigs, and general shit I don’t want in my yard.

Then, on Wednesday, our landscaper came over with this thing and started moving some dirt around:

unnamed (7)

He came back yesterday with his crew, they worked all day but our yard is totally prepped for sod now! In the end, he said that they took away almost 40 cubic yards of dirt from our front yard.  Which is…excessive.  But that’s how much freakin’ mud there was!  After he hauled out all the mud and general crap, he put in new top soil, smoothed it all out, and BEHOLD:


I didn’t know I could ever be a person who loves dirt.  And yet, here I am, LOVING THIS DIRT.  It’s so level!  And smooth!  And NOT MUD!  And there are no rocks!

We were supposed to have our sod delivered this morning, but unfortunately that’s been pushed back a week.  It poured down rain here on Wednesday night, so the sod was too soggy to pull up and have delivered.  They can deliver it as early as Monday, but we work all week so it’s being delivered Thursday afternoon, and we’ll roll it out next Saturday morning.  Kind of a bummer we’ve gotta wait a week, but it gives us time to get the rest of the yard ready before we get to sod rolling.

We’ve got BIG plans for the yard this weekend.  I’m almost done painting all the pickets, rails and posts for our new white picket fence (!!!!), which my dad and brother are installing starting tomorrow morning.  While they’re doing that, my mom and I are going to go plant shopping for all the things to plant in the yard, then (hopefully) starting to plant them as well.  I still need to get a ton of edging stones and some landscape glue to build a short little wall around the soon-to-be flower beds, so I’ll be stopping at Lowes on my way home from work again today.  I’ll post an update next week, I can’t wait to see how different it’s going to look!


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