Dave Ramsey

Working Girl

Well!  It’s been a while.  But, things are still happening!  Primarily, I got a new job!

It kind of came out of nowhere; I wasn’t looking for a new job.  I love my current job!  I work for a great company, I like the people I work with, and I enjoy what I do.  But my mom emailed me about a job that opened up in her office, and asked me to, “Just look at the email, you don’t have to apply, but this seems absolutely perfect for you.”  So, fine, mother, I’ll read the job description to humor you.  But I totally won’t apply!

Yeah, I applied.  It really did seem like something totally in my wheelhouse, but I didn’t really think I’d have a chance at getting called for an interview.  Which would have been fine, because I’m gainfully employed and totally content where I’m at.

Well, I got called for an interview.  And I went, and it was awesome, and they called me later that day to offer me the job.  It’s a really fantastic opportunity, and I’d be a fool to turn it down.  Yesterday was my last day, and I start my new job on the 30th.

I’m nervous for the change.  I’ll be working in downtown, taking the park and ride really early in the morning and getting home later in the evening.  It’s a lot more responsibility than I have currently, which is stressful, but also a good thing.  The company is paying for my bus pass, which is awesome, and instead of driving 70 miles roundtrip every day in my 12 year old clunker, I’ll be driving about 10 miles a day, to and from the park and ride.  That’s a lot of savings on gas, which will be awesome!  I’m nervous for the commute only because I’m not a morning person, and I’ll need to be at the park and ride waiting for the bus 20 minutes before my alarm even goes off currently.  So…that’ll be an adjustment!  But, the good news is that because I’ll be on the bus instead of driving, I’ll be able to sleep for a while before we roll into downtown.  And I can get some of my “being a human potato” stuff done on the drive home, which will allow me to use my time at home in the evening a little more productively than I currently do; after driving an hour, working 9, and driving another hour in traffic, I kind of want to sit on the couch and be a lump of nothingness for a while.  Being able to get some of that out of the way on my way home will be awesome.

There’s just a ton of good stuff about this new job.  My mom works in the same office (different department, different floor, and it’s a huge company so it’s not like we’ll run into each other all day every day), so we’ll get to have lunch together if and when we want to!  I love my mom, so it’s pretty exciting.  Plus…it’s a lot more money.  And we’ll get to go on a free cruise every year!  And there are some other really awesome benefits.  We’ll be able to dig our way out of debt WAY faster, and get some more work done on our house, too!

I won’t lie, I’m nervous.  But I’ve got basically a whole new wardrobe (thankfully the office is casual so I no longer need completely separate “work” and “casual” wardrobes), so I’m fully prepared to put on my new Big Girl pants, and go be AWESOME at this new job.  But, knowing my luck, I’ll spill something on myself before the work day even starts, I’ll accidentally call my boss “mom”, or say “I love you” to someone when hanging up the phone, and my ID picture will end up looking like this:

unnamed (1).jpg

…pray for me, people.


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