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When your water heater is a senior citizen.

Our water heater is old.  Really old.  45 years old, to be exact.*  The damn thing is original to the house, enormous, ugly, and perfectly functional!  Until a few weeks ago.

Anthony got home from work before I did, and he called me with the unpleasant news that he’d come home and found water all over the laundry room floor.

unnamed (2)

That mother fucker.

After soaking all of our towels trying to dry off the floor, we called a plumber.  He came over to give us a quote to replace the water heater…it was a lot.  Like, there was a damn comma in his quote.  No thank you!  So I called my oldest brother and begged him to come over in the morning and help us replace it.  He agreed (because he’s the greatest), and I went to Lowes to buy a new water heater.  They had exactly ONE in the size that I needed, thank goodness, because of course this all went down a few days before I was supposed to start my new job.  New job=need a shower, so it wasn’t an option to wait it out and not have a hot water heater for a week!  We needed it ASAP.  And buying one at Lowes and having my brother and Dad replace it saved us a TON of money.

After I got home from Lowes, we had to pull up all the flooring in the laundry room.  We knew it was Peel-N-Stick tile that neither of us were crazy about, but for the time being it was serving its purpose.  We weren’t expecting the 1970’s linoleum monstrosity we found underneath it, though…



It’s…real retro.  And dirty as hell.  And sticky.  And for the time being, it’s our laundry room floor.  It’s a little bit fabulous in its awfulness, really.

Anthony was at work that whole day, so Brian and my Dad came over and replaced the water heater.  It wasn’t as easy as they’d anticipated (at one point, Brian was kind of excited at the prospect of possibly needing to go buy a blow torch…), but after a whole morning of work, it was done!  We saw what was underneath the old one, though, and it was seriously gross.

unnamed (5)


We’ve now got a nice, new water heater.  It’s a lot less ugly than the old one…which is in our backyard at the moment.  We’ll take it to the recycling place eventually, but until then we’ve hidden it in the corner and are pretending it isn’t there.

unnamed (11)

Hello, beautiful…and hello, ugly ass floors.

The same day, our new couch arrived.  Our old couch had been free, and while it was in excellent condition when we got it, it was never going to be a couch that either of us loved, or even liked all that much.  We took advantage of a Memorial Day sale and bought a new one!

unnamed (7)

My mom and I then spent the following weekend repainting that coffee table (which was the coffee table in my family room growing up; so much nostalgia!)

And now…it’s way better.

unnamed (10)

We went with a light blue (since the couch is such a dark grey), and picked up some new throw pillows at TJ Maxx (although the Mr & Mrs one was a wedding gift!).  I’m a little bit in love with my living room at the moment!  That’s never been something I’ve been able to say, so I’m pretty excited to be able to say it now.

We’ve got a couple other projects in the works in the next few weeks, but we aren’t honestly sure if we’re going to get them done or not…my work schedule is pretty insane at the moment (but I’m LOVING the job!), so I’m really tired and kind of prefer to spend my weekends sleeping until 10 and then doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.  Cross your fingers for us, people, that we can muster up the motivation to spend some time working this weekend!




*Really, though, shoutout to Republic Water Heaters.  Our home inspector had never heard of them, the plumber who came out hadn’t either, but that thing lasted for 45 years and I’m rather impressed.


3 thoughts on “When your water heater is a senior citizen.”

  1. Congratulations on your new purchases. I thought our 17 year old water heater was old, but you just proved me wrong. Can’t wait to see more updates on the house.


  2. Our houses were built nearly in the same era. I remember trying to lift a tile off my backsplash, thinking, “Which can of worms am I opening up by doing this?” I put the tile back and decided to wait a little longer. Glad you caught your wiring problems in time.


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