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I’m 6 weeks into my new job! The commute is insane but the money is good, the hours are decent (9 hour days, but I get every other Friday off!) and I actually super love working in the same office as my mom, except when she comes to my desk and steals my peanut butter pretzels. (RUDE)  My boss is pretty low-maintenance, which makes my life as an administrative assistant waaaaay easier.  I’m fairly certain I compared taking care of his schedule and meetings to taking care of a potato last week when I was killing time by chatting with our department interns…it’s accurate, and I promise I mean it in the best way possible!  (God I really hope he hasn’t somehow found this blog and is now all offended that I called him a potato.)  I’m actually really enjoying aspects of working in downtown Seattle (not all aspects, but there are definitely some cool things!), and we’ve got these ridiculously fancy ass coffee machines that will make you about a million different flavors of latte. For free! GIVE ME ALL THE FREE LATTES!

Because I’ve been so busy with work (Anthony has been, too), work on our house has been slow moving. Last month, we finally finished getting the front porch set up, though, and I absolutely love it!

I picked up 2 white porch rockers at Lowes, moved the little table that was in our guest room outside, added a fuchsia basket and some outdoor pillows, and DONE!

 So cute and welcoming! 

We’ve been postponing working on the kitchen since we redid the floors and countertops in January for no real reason, other than sheer laziness and also holy shit, home renovations get expensive.  Some kids kinda looked like they were maybe thinking about stepping on our front lawn the other day and I near about had a damn heart attack because THAT LAWN WAS A LOT OF WORK AND IT WASN’T CHEAP AND I DOUBT YOU’VE GOT JOBS BECAUSE YOU’RE LIKE 9 SO YOU DON’T GET IT BUT STEPPING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S GRASS-DOLLARS IS NOT OKAY!

(………they did not step on our lawn, they just stared at it for a minute (probably actually staring at me staring at them through the window like a weirdo) and kept walking.)

So we’ve been giving our wallet a break since we finished the front yard, but I finally decided to install the backsplash in the kitchen.  We bought the tile back in January (or maybe it was late December? Whatever) and it’s been sitting in a box in our garage ever since, mocking me and my laziness with its beautiful, smug-ass subway tile gorgeousness.  I’ve never installed backsplash before (though if my floors are any indication, I’m pretty decent at laying floor tile!), so I once again turned to YouTube and Pinterest to figure out how to get this done.  On Pinterest is where I discovered the magic of adhesive tile mats, which completely remove the need for mortar.  Mortar SUCKS, it’s messy as hell and it was the biggest challenge with the kitchen floor project.  When I learned that I could do the backsplash without it, I was alllllllllllll over that shit.

Anthony had to work on the 4th of July, but I had the day off and I decided to just go with it and install the damn backsplash already.  I was 100% alone, as my parents and brother had the audacity to make plans for a holiday, and I was really nervous for doing this all by myself.  BUT, I did it!

The wall had been patched with many, many layers of putty (roughly 7,000 at this point) since we took off the old backsplash.  It took a LOT of layers, and it was super ugly, but finally thick enough to move forward.  Anthony took off the cabinet in the corner a few days before (more on that soon!), so the wall was ugly as shit but totally ready .

Before (like way the hell before, this picture is from the listing):



After Anthony took the cabinet off…



I applied the adhesive mat to the wall (haphazardly, as I suck at cutting in a straight line)

And did my best to line up the tiles really straight before kinda just sticking them on.

Which quickly (VERY quickly) turned into this:

It honestly took me maybe 90 minutes to put up all the tile.  Then I grouted (I used my hands instead of a grout float since the buckets of pre-mixed grout I’d bought were pretty small), and it quickly became this:

After I let it dry (which took very little time because it was roughly a million degrees in my house), it was done!  It’s not 100% perfect, but I’m ridiculously thrilled with the result.


Steve is also thrilled…I think.

Overall, I 100% don’t regret skipping the grout and going with the adhesive mat, or going with mosaic tile sheets instead of individual tiles.  I’m all about efficiency, and if I can get the same look while saving time and money, you bet your ass that’s the route I’m taking.  Our next project should be done next weekend (BRIAN I AM TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU AT THIS POINT), I can’t wait to show all 19 of my followers the end result!


Also I’m gonna make it weird, if you regularly read my blog, please subscribe!  I need my ego stroked. KTHXBYE.


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