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Open Shelves of Joy

I’ll just throw this out there right now, lest I forget and end up catching shit for the next 20 years about not giving enough credit: BESIDES THE BUILDING STAGE, I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO INVOLVEMENT IN THE INSTALLATION PORTION OF THIS PROJECT. I WAS NOT HOME, MY BROTHER AND MY HUSBAND DID ALL THE WORK.  THEY ARE AWESOME.

In the past 2 weeks, our kitchen has come a long way!  We’ve been planning (for kind of a really long time) to take down the cabinet in the corner and replace it with open shelves.  We’ve been putting it off for several long months now (surprise, surprise), but a bit over a month ago we finally decided to get started.  My brother Brian built the shelves (I helped when I could) custom for our kitchen, and I think they came out BEAUTIFULLY.  They’re made of cherry and mahogany, and stained a super gorgeous brown that I’m ridiculously in love with.

As a reminder, here’s what the kitchen looked like when we closed on the house:


And after we painted:

Kitchen After

And here’s what it looked like when Anthony took the cabinet off (pre-backsplash):


Here are some of the progress of the shelves being built:

And my personal favorite:



I don’t have many other pictures from the building process, because I wasn’t there for a bunch of it.  My brother and I don’t have the most compatible work schedules, and he does all his building projects at my parent’s house, which is a good 35-40 minutes away from my house.  So he did most of the building, and Anthony was (thankfully) home on the day that made the most sense for installation day.  I got a few updates throughout the day from Anthony (not nearly enough, in my opinion), and while progress was being made, it was taking a REALLY long time and Brian and Anthony were both pretty damn cranky about it.

Apparently the brackets I’d bought weren’t actually 90 degrees, so it made getting the shelves level extremely difficult, and it ended up taking them about 8 hours to install both shelves (plus, I now have to chisel out and replace 3 or 4 of the backsplash tiles that were drilled into before they realized that a bracket wouldn’t actually work there…fun!)

But, the fin(ish)ed product is beautiful and I’m incredibly happy with it:



I still need to touch up the paint on the wall around the brackets, and replace those backsplash tiles, but overall, I think they came out absolutely beautiful and I could not be happier.  We’ve got way more storage now than we did before, and all my pretty Fiestaware dishes are out on display.

I wish we hadn’t waited so long to start this project; I’m completely in love with how it turned out!


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