Adventures in flooring, continued.

Through complete luck and happenstance, we get to carpet our bedrooms next week! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Our bedrooms currently have laminate flooring, which, on its own, is fine.  It's dark, which is my preference, so that's good.  What's not good, however, is that because of how our house is laid out, the "meh" laminate bumps right up… Continue reading Adventures in flooring, continued.

Life in the shredder.

We figured out shortly after we adopted Emmy that she is a chewer/shredder.  More shredder than chewer, really.  She is not satisfied while things in our home are whole. This is what I came home to on Thursday of this week: What's that, you ask?  That gigantic mess is 199 puppy training pads.  They'd been… Continue reading Life in the shredder.