A productive week, indeed!

It's been quite the week!  We've gotten a lot done, I'm very proud of us.  I'm also very ready to be done doing anything for the rest of the month, because DUDE. We got our carpets installed last week, and they look amazing.  It took longer than anticipated (all day Monday, and then he had… Continue reading A productive week, indeed!

Adventures in flooring, continued.

Through complete luck and happenstance, we get to carpet our bedrooms next week! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Our bedrooms currently have laminate flooring, which, on its own, is fine.  It's dark, which is my preference, so that's good.  What's not good, however, is that because of how our house is laid out, the "meh" laminate bumps right up… Continue reading Adventures in flooring, continued.

We did it!

We are 90% done with our January kitchen makeover!  We worked our asses off this weekend, and it paid off, but this is kind of how I feel right now: The flooring project didn't go quite as smoothly as we had hoped.  Mom and I got started and then got panicked and made a desperate… Continue reading We did it!


Well, this week has taken an interesting turn. The initial plan to simply re-tile the floors this weekend has been thrown out the window and replaced with a plan to re-tile the floors, cover countertops, patch gigantic holes in our wall, reattach cabinets to the wall, reattach dishwasher to cabinets, install new backsplash over newly… Continue reading Calm, collected, TOTALLY NOT PANICKING

There’s a horcrux in my wall.

Ok, I am not normally a paranoid person, but I am about ready to burn our house to the ground because I kind of think it's haunted. Last night at 2:30am, the living room TV came on.  I woke up right away because I'm super sensitive to light when I sleep (I would make an… Continue reading There’s a horcrux in my wall.

Kitchen walls are for squares

Well hello, blog, it's been a while! A whole bunch of nothing has been happening at our house, other than Emmy attending dog training classes because she's cute but she's a jerk and that doesn't fly with me.  She's doing very well and hasn't chewed a shoe in quite some time now! BUT, this weekend… Continue reading Kitchen walls are for squares

Life in the shredder.

We figured out shortly after we adopted Emmy that she is a chewer/shredder.  More shredder than chewer, really.  She is not satisfied while things in our home are whole. This is what I came home to on Thursday of this week: What's that, you ask?  That gigantic mess is 199 puppy training pads.  They'd been… Continue reading Life in the shredder.