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Curb Appeal & Priorities

I haven't posted in several weeks, because basically nothing has happened in several weeks.  We've been on a short home-projects hiatus; we did so much in January, we kind of needed a break for the bulk of February, and it was worth it. Even though we aren't done with the kitchen yet, we've been really… Continue reading Curb Appeal & Priorities

Dave Ramsey

Decisions, decisions.

We're so close to done with the yard!  Praise Jesus, for I never want to see gravel again as long as I live.  We have a little bit left to move, then we have to rake up all the little leftover bits that have taken over everywhere, then soil and seed and YAAAAAAARD! Also, our… Continue reading Decisions, decisions.

Dave Ramsey, Home Projects

Slow progress

We've made a little tiny bit of progress!  But it's been slow.  I work a lot, and when I'm not working, I'm really tired and honestly probably pretty cranky because I'm so tired.  So the progress is happening, but it's slow. We're about ready to paint the outside of the house!  As you all know… Continue reading Slow progress