One of “those” mornings

I drove in to work today, instead of taking the bus.  It's May Day which can mean some pretty horrible afternoon traffic in Seattle, I didn't want to risk being stuck waiting for the bus for hours on end (and then being stuck on the bus for hours on end) in the middle of the… Continue reading One of “those” mornings

Home Projects, Pet Ownership Woes

Counting down

As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks pregnant and 100% ready to be done working.  Yet, I can't actually be done working yet.  I have a countdown on the calendar at my desk, 28 more work days!  It's a good number, and I really hope the days go by fast, because I am OVER this… Continue reading Counting down

Home Projects


I'm 6 weeks into my new job! The commute is insane but the money is good, the hours are decent (9 hour days, but I get every other Friday off!) and I actually super love working in the same office as my mom, except when she comes to my desk and steals my peanut butter… Continue reading Job/porch/kitchen…jobporchen?