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A joyful and dusty return to the blog

I haven’t posted anything in quiiiiiiiiiiite a while!  We took a short break from doing house projects right after the fence was completed, then found out some pretty awesome and exciting news: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Anthony and I are so beyond ridiculously thrilled and excited.  I’m due in mid-June and am now happily in… Continue reading A joyful and dusty return to the blog

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The mother fucking fence.

Like most things in our home, we knew that our cedar fence in the backyard was old when we moved in.  Turns out, it's at least 30 years old.  It was holding steady, though, so we were going to keep it until we absolutely had to replace it. Well, a few weeks ago, it became… Continue reading The mother fucking fence.

Home Projects

Open Shelves of Joy

I'll just throw this out there right now, lest I forget and end up catching shit for the next 20 years about not giving enough credit: BESIDES THE BUILDING STAGE, I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO INVOLVEMENT IN THE INSTALLATION PORTION OF THIS PROJECT. I WAS NOT HOME, MY BROTHER AND MY HUSBAND DID ALL THE WORK.… Continue reading Open Shelves of Joy

Home Projects


I'm 6 weeks into my new job! The commute is insane but the money is good, the hours are decent (9 hour days, but I get every other Friday off!) and I actually super love working in the same office as my mom, except when she comes to my desk and steals my peanut butter… Continue reading Job/porch/kitchen…jobporchen?

Home Projects

Mission: Curb Appeal.

Status: ACCOMPLISHED. Holy hell, what a weekend to be a Fisher.  We are done with our front yard transformation!  A HUUUUUGE thank you to my parents, my brother, and my grandma for all their help.  Our house would be much uglier without all of you, you guys are the greatest, and we love you a… Continue reading Mission: Curb Appeal.

Home Projects

Kelsey The Gardener

After the world's longest weekend of gardening, our front yard is almost done!  Anthony worked all weekend (boo) but my parents and my brother Brian were able (and mostly willing!) to come over Saturday and Sunday and help me put the yard together. Brian and Dad busted their asses to build the fence on the… Continue reading Kelsey The Gardener